Three Cheers For Chia!

Chia Seeds

I’ve read quite a bit recently about chia seeds and how they are a nutritious addition to your diet and are bursting with goodness.  These little seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family and initially were sold as part of baking ingredients before the health benefits were further looked into.  Research has been quite limited so far but evidence from human trials suggests Chia has numerous positive effects on health including aiding digestion, lowering cholesterol , helping to stabilise blood sugar as well as being an energy booster …sounds good so far!  They also contain manganese , calcium and omega-3 fats and approx. 28g serving is said to provide about a third of your recommended daily intake of fibre for adults.

I’m all for health foods that increase my calcium consumption, being allergic to dairy does limit what I can have and although I take supplements I am mindful of keeping my bones as strong and healthy as I possibly can.  And so I bought some to try out ☺

I had read a few ideas about how to prepare Chia and I opted for the soak overnight one first.  I used 3 tablespoons of Chia Seeds with 1 cup of KoKo milk and left it in the fridge.  My other half was quite unnerved by the ‘frogspawn looking stuff’ in the jar!  It does have the consistency of frogspawn I must admit and it was a very odd texture to experience when I tried a little spoonful.  I didn’t taste a flavour a such, maybe a slight nuttiness but otherwise quite tasteless, this isn’t a bad thing though.  Like Tofu, it means I can add whatever I choose into it for taste and (hopefully) reap the health benefits that it contains.

I chucked in a cup of blueberries and a chopped banana with a spoonful of natural sweetener.  I liked it!  It just added some ‘bulk’ to be honest.  The next day I tried it dry and sprinkled a tablespoon in with my cereal and added in my KoKo milk, a slight taste but not unpleasant.  I am happy in the knowledge that I’m adding extra healthiness into my food in a very easy way.

The bag I got from Holland & Barrett cost just under £3, which I thought a little expensive at the time, but you really don’t use very much and the bag will last me quite a while.

Next time I’m going to try Chia Seeds soaked in dairy-free chocolate milk & banana for a yummy, sweet and healthy snack☺