Zero Calorie Cacao Indulgence!

Clayspray – Glow Red Clay with Cacao Masque

I’m a sucker for products, I have no restraint and I somehow justified the need and purchase of another face mask… it was clay, in a spray what’s not to need there!

I ordered the Glow Red Clay with Cacao and the H2O Water Spray.

I love a quirky product too and this ticked all the boxes, plus I was interested to see if it’d help my uneven skin tone left on my face due to the multiple medications I need to take each day leaving dark marks under my eyes and me feeling awfully self-conscious about them (and constant comments regarding how tired I must be when I’m not actually lacking in sleep)

I spritzed the water spray over my face before I applied the clay mask, I did feel hydration seeping into my skin, my skin is quite dry too and the water spray is lovely to use if I’m feeling a bit parched in the face too, as well as setting my make-up in the mornings.

I pumped a splodge into the palm of my hand then carefully applied the mask to my face, avoiding near to my eyes.  I’d forgotten it was cacao!


The glorious waft of chocolate surrounded me, very tempted to have a lick but then remembered it wasn’t food… but the smell is gorgeous!  It looks scary on though, just like I had melted some chocolate and put it on my face!  I kept my fingers crossed that there would be no knocks at the door for the duration while I watched, intrigued, as it dried and changed to a lighter colour, about 20 minutes.


Then I washed my face in warm water and patted dry, the sink looked like I had chucked mud in it!  So after giving that a good clean afterwards too, I spritzed more H2O spray on and had a look at the after effects.

I was rather impressed I have to say and still am!  I could tell that my skin did have more of a glow to it and after the 3rd regular application now that I’ve had, it does appear to be easing the ferocity of my uneven skin tone, it doesn’t seem as dark, still visible but a lot better.

My face felt hydrated, smooth and also healthier (which is nice that one part of me at least does!)  I had hoped I’d like Clayspray but …I adore it!

I can say it’s definitely worth having a try out, and with lots of different mixtures there’ll be one for everyone and every skin type.

The smell alone was magical! ☺

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