Simply the best!

Bare Minerals Powder Foundation

My opening statement for this review is quite simply – I am in love with this foundation and will continue to wear it for the rest of my life!

If I could personify Bare Minerals, then in my World this foundation would be a defined, immaculate hunk of perfection, whom I would spend all my time with, just gazing at them with utter envy and never-ending love ♡

There are many mineral powder foundations out there nowadays, I have tried a few different brands but I always come back to Bare Minerals powder foundation.  My eczema and dry skin doesn’t stand out when I wear it, it hides all blemishes, it doesn’t clog my skin and I can use a little sweep for a light covering or build up for maximum coverage.

My shade is ‘Fairly Light’, it blends to my skin tone perfectly without looking like I’ve gone 10 rounds with a bag of cheesy Dorito’s.

I’ve got quite a collection of Bare Mineral brushes, at the moment I’m using the ‘Heavenly Face Brush’ which is a stubby, easy to hold style which is pretty much ‘goof-proof’!

Just shake a little powder into the lid and remember the Bare Minerals mantra ‘SWIRL – TAP – BUFF’, first swirl the brush in the lid to pick up the powder that you have shaken out, then tap off the excess and finally buff onto your skin.  You can continue to do this until you’re happy with the amount of coverage you have.  I start with my cheeks and then buff inwards towards my nose and mouth and then blend onto my forehead.  I usually use 4-5 ‘lids’ of powder to get the coverage I prefer.

To set my foundation I use Bare Minerals ‘Mineral Veil’, which is a translucent fixing powder that finishes off my foundation perfectly.

What I love about Bare Minerals is that if my face needs re-touching during the day I can just sprinkle a little of the powder into the lid and buff onto where I need it, just to freshen it up if needs be.  When I used cream foundations this wasn’t an option, unless I was after the claggy, plastercine looking foundation effect!  I found it just over-loaded my face with product.  Bare Minerals doesn’t give that appearance when I reapply, it just adds a little more coverage to the layer already there.

The ‘Click-Lock’ function, on the 8g tubs, means I can carry it with me in my make-up bag without it completely emptying itself into the lid.  Just a little twist of the lid and it opens it up as much as I need.

This foundation is award winning and it is easy to see why once you have tried it out.  Acne, eczema, rosacea and other skin problems are all Bare Minerals ‘friendly’, unlike a lot of other brands out there that can add to your problems.  They also have a matte version for those who suffer from oily skin.

I adore it and I always have at least another 2 tubs in my cosmetic case ready for when I run out!

Bare Minerals also boast that it is ‘so natural you can sleep in it’, I can testify that this is correct!  I first started to use this foundation near Christmas time some years back and due to partaking in too much fun I did end up sleeping in it quite a few times after some late nights of merriment.  It didn’t make my skin clogged up or irritated  …It’s a shame that couldn’t be said for the rest of me during those festivities!

If you fancy a change of foundation, give Bare Minerals a try.  You won’t be disappointed 🙂