Bringing Back My Confidence Part II: Alpha-H Micro Cleanse

Alpha-H Part II

Micro Cleanse with Glycolic Acid & Rice Bran

The next member of the Alpha-H family to land on my bathroom shelf was their Micro Cleanse exfoliator.  I wanted something to give my skin a really good, deep-down clear out and after having a reaction to Johnson’s ‘gentle’ exfoliating face wash I was desperate for some help restoring my skin.

I started using this (known as ‘microdermabrasion in a tube’☺) twice a week – as instructed.  It uses naturally derived 12% Glycolic Acid with rice bran and peppermint essential oil, smells divine and really gets down into your skin leaving you with a fresh feeling that your pores have had a really good scrub down and rinse out!  The zingy cucumber combined with minty-ness leaves my skin feeling refreshed and as smooth as glass afterwards (that’s only way I can describe how it feels!)

I put the Micro Cleanse onto the palms of my hands and massage upwards and outwards from the inside to outside of my face – always avoiding near to the eye and lip area.  I can feel the tingle and again it isn’t unpleasant, my face feels smooth and the lines appear plumped out.  After I’ve massaged I usually leave it sitting on my skin for a few minutes and then wipe off with a warm face cloth.  My skin doesn’t feel tight and I still have that fabulous glass-like texture to my face.

Being suitable for normal, dry, combination, acne-prone and sun-damaged skin it suits me perfectly.  The dry patches, break-outs and sensitivity have meant that I have really struggled finding skin care that helps one without increasing the other.

It is worth every penny and I can’t see myself using any other exfoliator again to be honest, when you find the best version of something then keep with it I say!

My mush is far from being perfect but it’s getting a helluva lot better since I started the Alpha-regime, the addition of Micro Cleanse has made a noticeable impact in general but also I’m not suffering from such extreme break-outs (on a side note, my other half has open pores and very oily skin and can’t see why I complain but having closed pores and dry skin mean that when I get spots I GET spots – like huge red mountains on my face – and any blemish control gels/creams are far too harsh and abrasive on my skin)

My complexion has really improved with regular ridding of dead skin cell build-up, which has given me a fresher looking face, while the benefit of slotting in another Alpha-H product is helping with the hyperpigmentation that blights my face and causes me confidence issues.

All in all, this is another fantastic product from a brand that I have fallen in love with.  It really does help and gives a positive, noticeable effect unlike a lot of other exfoliators on the market that I’ve tried.





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