Scrub a dub-dub, a sweet sugar rub! – Bliss Lip Scrub Review

Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub 15ml – £12

These tough winter months have caused havoc trying to keep my poor lips from peeling, cracking and generally looking like two very red overcooked sausages that words come out of, instead of a smooth, supple pout that is my preference when having to speak to people.

I’m a lip-balm-a-holic and love trying out new brands.  The state of my skin called for something with a little extra power though, and so I stumbled upon Bliss Fabulips Sugar Scrub, after a quick read through I’d ordered a pot.

I have tried out two lip exfoliators before, one was Benefit’s Lipscription which was a very lovely product that gave brilliant results (and now discontinued!) And also Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation which is a very good one too that I use before bed.  I did feel my lips needed an exfoliator to rid the dryness and the dead skin cells that seemed to be clogging my skin and hindering the healing of where they had cracked and peeled.  I needed something more ‘heavy-duty’ as the Ole one hadn’t helped as much as usual …I was in dire need of some lip product help!

As soon as the pot from Bliss arrived I opened it up and first point of call was a good sniff (vanilla + orange flavoured) – and it does smell delicious, which is always a good start!  I read the write-up online and after I’d taken my make-up off applied a medium layer over my lips, then (with clean pinkies) massaged the sugar scrub as directed in circular motions over my lips, it felt nice, although with the almond and walnut shell in it does have a slight gritty feel but it isn’t unpleasant.  I carried on over my lips and on the inner parts where they were really dry and flaky and also massaged a little over my lip-line too.  After the scrub had been layered on and then rubbed in I got a clean little flannel, soaked it in warm water and gently wiped the scrub off.

Even after that first use of Fabulips Scrub my lips felt smoother and hydrated.  The jojoba seed, olive oils, shea and cocoa butters plus vitamins A, C and E nourish and condition your lips and I could feel all of the benefits (still needing more applications, but so much better than before) I followed up with a nice juicy layer of Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, a multi-taker of magnificence and also a wonderful balm for lips.

I have found myself using the sugar scrub as a usual lip balm too at times, if I get a bit that hasn’t any ‘scrubby’ bits in I’ll put it on and let it sink in.  I use it throughout the day and as I can’t easily get a warmed flannel at work I have a supply of fragrance-free face wipes that I use to take the scrub off after massaging in.

Since regular use I’ve noticed a difference and my pout is definitely sporting a more positive looking pose!

I would recommend trying out Bliss Fabulips Scrub, it smells lovely, it works and you don’t need very much of it.

There is, to my delight, a whole range of Fabulips including balm and lip cleanser …I must admit they are extremely tempting!  Another entry on the ever-increasing wish-lish☺

My only qualm (and it’s a tidgy one) would be having an implement to apply the scrub with, I do have a lot of applicators from past products so I use one of those – OR another idea would be to treat yourself to a pack of the Cadbury’s ‘Egg ‘n’ Spoon’ chocolates as the cute purple spoon would make a great little applicator to get the scrub out of the pot …and you can legitimately buy chocolate! – It’s for ESSENTIAL application of treatment to help your weather-blighted lips get their bounce back☺ Go on, treat yourself… to both!

To sum up, I’m very impressed and I really like this lip scrub, it’s not too harsh and it does work – which is the ultimate goal when we’re paying out for products.  The price I’m also happy with for how much it’s softened and helped my skin problem when nothing else had enough effect or noticeable difference.

My lips are now on their way to looking fab-u-lipious!

So thank you Bliss.  One day my wish-lish will be fulfilled with the whole set in my grasp and will make me a happy, smiley, soft-lipped Haystack ☺

Visit Bliss here to read more on their lip range and more!