CC’ing is Believing!

Phytomer CC Crème SPF20

Thanks to the lovely people at Gorgeous Shop I received this fabulous freebie! – Phytomer CC Crème.  I’ve tried face and eye masks from Phytomer and was left very impressed so I couldn’t wait to try out my first CC crème.

I do like BB creams but as I suffer from horrid dark skin pigmentation under my eyes that have blighted my face due to multiple medications for the last few years, I was hoping that the colour-correcting element would prove a worthy opponent to my panda-eyes and it most certainly was!  I didn’t have that much belief that a cream alone would give me enough coverage and even my skin tone, but Phytomer’s blend didn’t disappoint.

In a shade said to suit most skin tones, the cream is formulated with Phytomer’s VMR “Visible Marine Refiner” which, as well as being a moisturiser it also stimulates cell turnover, regeneration, pore refinement and helps the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid, which gives us more plumped-up skin.  I found my fine lines weren’t as prominent and my dry skin wasn’t intensified either, like a big beige flapjack stuck on my face that can happen after trying some tinted creams.  The coverage was sufficient for me to brave the World without paranoia or ‘you look so tired’ comments which tend to hurtle my way.  I used the cream alone but I’ll definitely be trying out as a primer under my make-up too, another tick box for me is that Phytomer CC Crème has SPF20 so, as the weather turns warmer, it’s nice to know that my skin has an extra layer of protection from harmful sun rays.

A few hours later into the day and my skin was still sporting enough coverage and didn’t feel heavy, even though I had applied two layers first thing that morning.

It’s definitely going to be used a lot over the Summer months, to be able to have a day in the sunshine without being armed with a bulging make-up bag is something to look forward to, and extra room in my bag for other essentials… like sweeties and sunglasses for beer-garden frequenting☺

For those who don’t like to wear make-up but feel they’re beginning to need a little something to even out their complexion, or for people like me who wear maximum coverage all the time and want to ease up the routine some days, then Phytomer gets a thumbs-up from me for coverage, application and endurance.





And here’s a little blurb ab0ut the fabulous brand:

Phytomer at a glance:
With over 40 years as the leader in the marine skin care, Phytomer is now a pioneer in the field of marine biotechnology, the future of results-oriented cosmetics. This is the newest technology to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients. Based in Saint-Malo, France and distributed in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has a reputation of leadership and expertise within the spa industry. With Phytomer meaning “plant of the sea,” we utilize seawater, seaweed or seaside plants in every retail and professional product, combining science with the natural powers of the sea. We are one of the only spa brands with our own laboratory, allowing us to research and cultivate our own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas, manufacture skin care products and create cutting-edge professional treatments to deliver remarkable results.