Banish Blemishes with Bare Minerals!

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy

When I bought Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy I have to be honest, I didn’t think it would be as effective as it has turned out to be. I’d not been able to ease some stubborn spots from a breakout caused, I think, from my dairy allergy. The few that were left on my face did not want to budge, they were just raised, red lumps so I noticed them even with my make-up on, very very very annoying!

I used some breakout lotions that had really helped the initial part of the spot saga so, frustrated and irritated (much like my face) I turned to Bare Minerals for a look to see if there was anything from one of my favourite brands I hadn’t yet tried and that, my friends, is when I saw ‘Blemish Remedy’. After reading the blurb including the impressive ‘Zest Smart Beauty Awards 2013 – Best Blemish Buster Award’ I put it straight in my virtual basket and checked out☺

I admit I was a little ‘ooooof’ when I saw the rather small pot but you really don’t need very much at all and with the fab brush, that’s included, to apply the powder it will last a good while, so I felt a little better with the size to price ratio situation!

The main busters in this powder are the ActiveSoilTM Complex along with the benefits of natural sulphur, it also states that it helps to minimise the appearance of pores, neutralise redness and diffuse imperfections. Now the sulphur will give you that smell, it didn’t make me gag and it didn’t stop me from using it, you can just smell the sulphury aroma but the benefits of this little pot outweigh the odd smell!

I used the Blemish Remedy under and over my Bare Minerals make-up, just a little dab and then occasionally through the day if the redness was showing. At night I popped a little bit on to give it an extra layer of spot-busting power and I have to admit it really did help the spots. I didn’t think it would, I’ll be honest here, but over just two days the redness had faded and the spot-lumps had decreased in size – they were now ‘manageable’ ☺

I carried on using a few dabs for the next few days until the spots had disappeared and my skin didn’t have any adverse effects like over-drying out, which I’d anticipated would happen as I’ve got quite sensitive skin. I was very careful though and applied it only directly to the monster- sized spots in need of urgent attention!

As a massive Bare Minerals fan I’m really pleased that this is yet another product from their brand that I love – and that does work! It’s always in my handbag for emergency help in case of spot appearance and it is, in my opinion, brill value for money.  I’ve used it quite a bit and there’s plenty left, so don’t let the cost put you off.

It may not work so effectively for every-one but in my case it was fab and has a massive thumbs-up from The Haystack!

And here is some information and statistics from the Bare Minerals web-site for you!,default,pd.html

Zest Smart Beauty Awards 2013 – Best Blemish Buster Award.

Here’s what women have said*:

  • 82% of women felt it effectively reduced blemishes and breakouts.
  • 78% of women saw a reduction in redness and more even-toned skin.
  • 77% of women felt their skin looked clearer.

*Based on an independent U.S. consumer study of 75 women.

  • Swirl brush into treatment, tap off excess and gently pat onto blemish.
  • For larger problem areas, apply a light layer over affected area (avoiding the eye area).
  • For best results, use at the onset of a blemish.
  • Applying a light layer over problem areas daily can also help prevent new breakouts from forming.