Keep your lips calm with Decleor lip balm!

Decleor Aroma Solutions Nourishing Lip Balm

Decleor are one of my favourite brands, their products ooze fabulous natural ingredients and lashings of tender loving care.  The first item I ever tried was their lip balm, I treated myself after starting my current job back in 2004. The balm came in a little glass tub and as soon as I opened it the gorgeous smell wafted out and snuggled my senses ☺

After many years of being on my lip balm quest and trying out numerous brands, last month I put Decleor lip balm on my Christmas list.  When Christmas Day arrived I whooped with delight when un-wrapping a little box from my brother and spotting the familiar yellow colour packaging!

As soon as I applied it to my poor winter-weather blighted lips I could feel the nourishing properties from the pure essential oils restoring the delicate skin back to health.  It does, as their website says, melt into your lips and they do feel instantly softened and hydrated.  I know I can be out and about in this weather and my lips won’t chap or crack as they have a layer of protection on, like a ‘lip-mitten’ this balm feels cosy and helps you brave the elements, safe in the knowledge you have defended your lips in the best way possible.

After application you have a lovely shine from the balm, not a sticky or runny residue though, just a nice subtle shine which you can apply lip colour over the top of as well. 

The active Ingredients in the Aroma Solutions Nourishing Lip Balm are:

  • Shea Butter
  • Bamboo Sap
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Angelica Essential Oil
  • Coconut Plant Oil
  • Hazelnut Plant Oil

When I apply this wonderful balm not only do my lips feel amazingly hydrated in an instant, I am also transported back, in memory, to 2004 – the year when I first tried this product.  They say smells evoke memories, the olfactory bulb which is part of the brain’s limbic system is an area very closely associated with memory, so smell can recall memories some-times instantaneously – and that is so true for me in this case.  Plus, it means I also feel younger each time I apply it as well!  I certainly haven’t received that effect from any other lip balm☺

I urge any-one with the same obsession and love for lip balm to try this fantastic product from Decleor, I wasn’t disappointed the first time I used it and 10 years later I’m still a massive fan of this balm, as well as the brand in general.



2 thoughts on “Keep your lips calm with Decleor lip balm!

    • Thank you!
      I love Decleor, the lip balm was the first product I tried. I recommend the anti-growth after hair removal cream too, it’s effective and smells divine! I’ve not tried ylang ylang but have tried the iris balm and agree it’s amazing, worth paying extra for something that works! xxx

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