A Perfect 10 For Hair-Care!

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment 150ml £10.95

After seeing the half-price offer (£5.45) on Beauty Bay’s Facebook page I just couldn’t resist ordering this product, even though I have a few pending bottles lined up already… It just lured me in and wham, bam, dropped in my porch a few days later!

The temptation to try out this hair treatment was the boast that it offers 10 benefits to your hair – 10 in one bottle, that’s some tag-line.  And so the day it arrived I needed to try it out.  After washing my hair I unknotted it with my Tangle Teezer and, going on the instructions for medium hair, sprayed about 8 pumps onto my hair about 20cm away and then used the Teezer again to distribute it evenly.  It does say you can use your usual products as well but I wanted to see what magic it could work just on its own.

 I rough blow-dried and then used my GHD’s to straighten.  My husband (on request) felt my hair and said “it feels like air”, after I had checked he hadn’t actually said Hair and that he was referring to my locks being incredibly soft and light-weight then I knew I was onto a winner – if he could notice the difference then it must be good! 

My hair felt like silk, even when I ran my fingertips over the very ends they felt nourished and soft.  Where my hair is usually very dry and sticks out at odd angles, it seemed to now blend in with the rest and have a much better texture.  It felt bouncier and the next day I just used one pump of it into my palms and ran it over my dry hair to give it some extra smoothness and shine, I went out happily frizz-free and my hair held the scent of the product too, so every now and again I got a little pleasant smelling waft.

 So let’s go through the 10 and I’ll tell you, so far, what I can –

 1 REPAIR FOR DRY & DAMAGED HAIR. – It definitely eased the dry feeling and helped my damaged areas

2 SHINE & FRIZZ CONTROL – Yep and Yep!

3 HEAT PROTECTION – Always good to know you have an extra barrier between your delicate hair and heat stylers

4 SILKINESS & SMOOTHNESS – Without a doubt this box was ticked!

5 HAIR COLOR PROTECTION / WITH UVA & UVB FILTERS – Time will tell on this one

6 EASIER BRUSHING & IRONING – Hard to tell as I use a Tangle Teezer

7 INCREDIBLE DETANGLING – Again, with the Teezer my hair is easier to detangle but I did feel it a little quicker than usual to get smoothed

8 LONG-LASTING HAIRSTYLE – I only went from Friday to Sunday but the day after use I didn’t need to GHD and it did feel more manageable

9 SPLIT ENDS PREVENTION – Again, time will tell on this one.

10 ADDS BODY – I did feel that I had more oomph to my hair after using it

So to sum up – it’s pretty fabulous! ☺ Dependent on how long the bottle lasts I may become a long-term user of Uniq One Hair Treatment and if you don’t believe me head over to Beauty Bay ☞ here  and read the many reviews about how amazing other people have also found this bottle of magic – that’s 10 times the magic too …oh and buy some while you’re there, you know it makes sense!


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