Slightly miffed with the Mythic

L’Oréal Professional Mythic Oil

 Maybe it’s just my hair, but I had higher hopes for L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil. 

As I’ve written in previous posts I do have ‘problem hair’, it is gradually getting better now but is still recovering from breakage after I was on and off morphine combined with other strong medication.  It’s always been on the dry side at the best of times, so maybe Mythic Oil couldn’t work as much magic on my hair as I anticipated because of these follicle issues!

I’m not totally disappointed with the product, it is a very nice and (within the realms of hair oil prices) at a very reasonable cost too.  The smell is lovely and it helps calm my frizz down.  The blurb on the L’Oréal website says that it nourishes even the finest of hair, my hair has got finer over the years and since all the medications so I knew that it wouldn’t be too heavy on my locks or leave them too greasy looking.  But compared to other oils it just didn’t leave it as nourished feeling as I hoped and I found that I was using about 5-6 pumps on my damp hair before I blow-dried. 

After I had finished styling it didn’t seem to have that shiny, bouncy look or feel to it, it did feel quite soft though and gave a decent finish but I felt that I’d used a lot of it to get that there!  I have continued using it and I manage to get more of a shine and supple feeling if I rub a little pump of it into my palms and over my dry hair in the mornings.  But this is as well as using the large amount the night before, after I’ve washed my hair.

I think for a first time user of oils this one would be a very good starter, it’s not too painful on the purse and it is a good all-rounder.  Some people I’ve spoken to adore it and say it works wonders.  Personally speaking, it’s not a product that I’ll be buying again unfortunately.  Even though it does have some noticeably good effects (after a rather large amount being used), it just doesn’t do enough for me or to a level that helps tame my unruly flyaways, frizz and dryness. 

I’m disappointed but it could be that, in this case, my own hair is to blame for how much impact Mythic Oil had on the styling and finishing results.  And that impact just didn’t hit the mark for me!





2 thoughts on “Slightly miffed with the Mythic

    • Thank you hun! 🙂
      I wasn’t an awful product, it just wasn’t worth the money for my hair. It may work better on other hair types, lots of positive reviews but not so great for me!

      I was using so much of it with little result, whereas paying extra and getting way more months use from other oils, as well as noticeable, great results was a better option!

      At the moment I’m using Kerastase Elixir for coloured hair, I need to use for a while longer before writing up but it’s very nice and also smells just like Coco Mademoiselle 🙂


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