Nails by Pretty Woman #3

More Morgan! – My Continued Love Affair With Nail Colour

I really love the latest colour I’ve had on my nails.  I wanted something neutral again but with a little bit of added oomph. 

I usually go for a full-on glittery statement nail, but with a pending MRI scan appointment at hospital I thought I should go a little more subdued (although glitter colour doesn’t have any adverse effects in the scanner, it’s metal which is the big no-no when you’re being zapped) I didn’t want any-thing to impede the MRI should it come through if I have lots of glitter on though.

I’m in love with Morgan Taylor brand nail colours and the salon I go to – ‘Pretty Woman’–  have quite a lot in their collection in now.  There is an obvious high quality to the polishes when they’re applied and the colours are absolutely gorgeous.

This time round I opted for a beautiful base colour called ‘Perfect Match’, it’s a fab dusky rose pink shade, on my ring finger Em used Morgan Taylor ‘Give Me Gold’ for a block-diagonal, the gold is bright, bold and shimmery and works beautifully with the base colour I’d chosen.  Em used one of the salon’s own nail-art glitters and applied a slightly darker gold, thin line to give a little more definition between the two shades.

As always, I love them!☺

Ems hard at work☺

I can’t wait for my next appointment to see more of the Morgan Taylor range, they are fast becoming one of my favourite brands and I recommend to all who have a soft-spot for painted talons.



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