My Seal Of Approval For Post Hair Removal!

Declèor Post-Wax Double Action Gel – Anti-Hair Regrowth And Hydrating

After many, many years of shaving and the occasional waxing as my hair-removal system of choice, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in an epilator.  I have to say, I wish I’d done it many, many years ago!  Yes, it hurts a bit but not enough to stop me from being able to zap my fuzz every few weeks (instead of every day!)  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives.  The epilator review post is to come soon!

In the meantime let’s talk about after epilation (or waxing).  I knew from reading up before I used my plucker that I would have redness and some irritation afterwards.  As some-one who has their eyebrows threaded I imagined it would be a very similar after-effect but on a much larger scale.  I needed a post-epilation gel but a decent sized tube as I’d need to soothe the majority of my bod.  I decided against tea-tree or rose water as I don’t particularly like the smell of them. 

After a few searches I was a very happy bunny to find out one of my favourite brands – Declèor – sold a product made exactly for what I needed! 

Their Post-Wax Double Action Gel – Anti-Hair Regrowth And Hydrating was everything that I needed and, having tried Declèor products previously, I knew that it was coming from a trusted skin-care brand.


After using my epilator the redness comes up quite quickly, as soon as I’ve finished I apply a layer of Aroma Confort and gently rub in to my skin.  After 5 minutes the sore feeling has started to ease and by another 15 minutes the redness is barely there.  After finishing my arms and legs, I put my comfies on and rest myself (it’s exhausting!) and my skin, letting the Declèor gel work its magic. 

Not only does it work it also smells divine, as is the same with all Declèor’s products!  My skin isn’t just soothed, it’s hydrated and feels perfectly moisturised too and I don’t need any extra lotions on.

One claim that interested me was that it gradually reduced the hair re-growth after removal.  I found it difficult to see how, when a body has hair that does just that, it grows back!  BUT I can see how their Aroma Confort does work, after about 2 months now of epilating my hairs that grow back are very fine, not like when I’d have breaks in shaving and end up with leg and arm bristles as hard as a garden broom and skin like wire wool!  No, this does feel a LOT better, at the moment I’m a week behind epilating and the hairs that have grown back feel like baby-hair and in some places there isn’t as much, if any, growth when there was when I first started using the gel.  A lot of us will have areas where the hair doesn’t grow as much or we have patches that don’t at all but I knew that wasn’t the case in the bits I’m referring to. 

I’m incredibly impressed but I have been applying a thin layer daily to the parts of my body that have to undergo the ritual of hair removal.  This does help the growth speed, from the Declèor information about this product and I feel that it’s definitely benefited me.  I’ve now started to use it after my eyebrows have been threaded instead of leaving the tea-tree oil on that’s applied.  The sore feeling fades quicker and it isn’t as sharp feeling on my skin either.

I’m just over halfway through my first tube, you get a great amount for the price, it isn’t something that’s going to need scissoring opened and scraped within 2 weeks.

I’m so glad that I did my research and I found a fabulous product, and I’ve got my next tube ready and waiting for when my this one runneth dry.  Even if it was just a moisturising lotion I’d happily be reviewing about how lovely it makes my skin feel afterwards and how delicious it smells.  But as a multi-tasking product that soothes and calms the eye watering (depending on what area of the body!) you’re waxing/ epilating as well as slowing down grow-back (and not having to endure razor sharp stubble come through) then I am here with my virtual neon sign, balloons, streamers and big pointy finger down at this product saying BUY IT! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED AND YOU WON’T WANT ANY OTHER SPECIALIST LOTION ON YOUR SKIN!

Again, Declèor have shone through with another amazing skincare lotion that really does do all that it claims to …something a lot of brands out there fail at.

Whilst I sit, forevermore, plucking the hairs from my body with my little machine I’m happy in the knowledge that afterwards my skin will thank me for pampering it with Aroma Confort and enabling me to face the world not only bodily hair-free but with beautifully soft and nourished skin that glows instead of gurns☺


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