Nails by Pretty Woman #2

OPI ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam’ & Morgan Taylor ‘Fame Game’

For my next nail appointment at my beauty salon – Pretty Woman ☜ Click for contact info!  I wanted to stray from the neutrals I’d been having for so long and try out something with a little more pizazz!

As the cooler months fast approach I was thinking of grey or plum, when I saw the fab OPI ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam’ from their Holland collection (Spring 2012) I knew that would be my base colour.  It’s a dusty, steel blue-grey with shimmery ultra-fine gold flecks in, it’s a colour for the Autumn/Fall that was just what I fancied as it didn’t have too much depth albeit a darker colour than I’ve been used to.  It had a light feeling to it, as well as shouting ‘I’m comin to getcha colour-prepped for the seasons changing!’

I always have two coats applied, and even with this darker OPI it didn’t look as if it was too deep, I feel that the shimmer broke up the block and made it seem to have less of dark-tone to it.

As usual, I needed a smattering of glitter!  I was thinking of a French manicure style tip with the glitter but it didn’t have the right look to it so I opted for my ring finger and then Em thought (as ever she was right!) that having it over my thumb-nail would give some extra oomph and statement.  I’d already fallen in love with Morgan Taylor nail polishes the last appointment I had, so when I saw the latest arrivals in the salon I just couldn’t resist trying out ‘Fame Game’ it’s a clear base but with lots of holographic multi-colour glitter in.

The end result was perfect and funky, just what I wanted!☺



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