Hit The Spot with Dermalogica!

Dermalogica Clean Start ‘Hit The Spot’ Treatment

I rarely suffer from breakouts, you may think that’s a good thing but having closed pores and also being afflicted with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis means that I have my fair share of battles of the skin kind!

My breakout has been a whopper of one and having closed pores means my spots are highly visible, big red lumps on my face that may as well have a neon sign and be waving ‘hello look at me’ on my face!

I do have an inkling what triggered the start of the breakout, I don’t eat fried food, my body just doesn’t like it one bit and I feel ill afterwards, I also don’t get to pig on sweet foods as I’m allergic to dairy. But we went to a party the end of August and there were some veggie samosas so I ended up indulging in a fair few (…about 6) then the next day I came out in two massive red lumps on my chin and two on my cheek, normally these reduce after a few days and eventually disappear but nope, they stayed there, bright red and painful (thankfully redness hidden under make-up) but spot-lumps still highly visible.  A couple of weeks later when we were at my in-laws for Sunday dinner my fab mommy-in-law had made fairy cakes …‘FREE FROM’ FAIRY CAKES! Obviously I couldn’t resist a much yearned for non-dairy pudding and I had a few (…6 again – my unlucky number it would seem!)

The next morning I had two more spots around my mouth, so I know what the triggers are now at least. But I’ve been left with these mountains on my face and I just couldn’t get rid, I tried all my husband’s products as he has breakout skin but nothing would work.

As I was having my nails done last week I was telling Em about my annoyance and she mentioned the Dermalogica range.  A few weeks before I had tried some samples of their Medibac range but I just couldn’t afford a full priced bottle. So after Em reinforced that they were an amazing brand and their products were the best by far, I went onto their website and had a mooch about.

They have a range ‘Clean Start’ which is aimed at the younger skinned generation but I saw a product that I kept coming back to, it was more in my price range and although I’m no youngster I thought trying it out wouldn’t hurt. The product was ‘Hit The Spot’ a dab on, leave on treatment that lasts 6-8 hours. I ordered it and got a few £’s off too, even happier! Then I saw I had a free deluxe sample pack of their Ultra Calming range included, I’d already been drawn to this range so I was a very happy, albeit spotty, bunny to get a freebie too.  The deluxe samples aren’t sachets they’re little cute miniatures = tick box!

The delivery was super quick, next day and my neighbours kindly signed for it. I used the treatment before bed. You turn the button at the bottom to unlock then press in to push the liquid up through the holes at the top and then you dab onto your problem areas.


After one application the redness had reduced considerably and the size had shrunk slightly too, I really couldn’t believe how brilliantly it had worked after just one use!

At the end of each day I take my makeup off, thoroughly cleanse my face and then I pop some ‘Hit The Spot’ on, I’ve been using it for nearly one week and my breakout has improved so very, very much. I don’t have oily skin and haven’t had any problems with the treatment drying my skin out at all. My spot-lumps are barely visible now, I’ll continue with the treatment until they’ve completely flown the nest …or face in this case…

There’s no awful medicated smell with ‘Hit The Spot’, my skin doesn’t itch or have any burning sensation after application either.

I may not fit into Dermalogica’s targeted age group for this range but for a blemish afflicted blogger on a budget their Clean Start ‘Hit The Spot’ treatment gets the thumbs up from me, and for customer service they scored top marks too!


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