Revealing Your Radiance On A Budget!

L’Oréal Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Exfoliator

L’Oréal’s new range of skin care products got my beauty spidey sense tingling so I bought their exfoliator to try out.

Taken from the L’Oréal website:

Product Benefits

L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Exfoliator, a radiance revealing face scrub for all skin types. Infused with micro-beads, removes make-up and impurities to reveal a better skin texture. Skin feels instantly smooth, refined and perfectly cleansed. No soap.

I had an initial disappointment that it wasn’t orange, as the tube would have you assume, but a cream colour instead.  It’s probably a good thing that it isn’t a vibrant shade to be honest if it’s meant to be good for the skin!

I’d worn a lot of make-up the day I bought it so I thought I’d break the seal and see what magic it could do.  I always take my eye make-up off beforehand as my peepers are a touch sensitive.  I squeezed about a 10p sized amount into my palm then massaged it into dampened skin.  It felt quite nice, ‘bitty’ from the exfoliating element and with a very nice peachy aroma to it.  I massaged it in for a few minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water and patted my face dry (NEVER rub your face dry!)

I did have a little, and it was a very little, feeling of tightness round my mouth the first use and that was one of the statements in the blurb that said wouldn’t happen.  I felt a little downbeat then thought it may have been caused from using it around my mouth/ lip area a bit too much and that could have caused the tight feeling as my lips are always so very, very dry. 

The next few days I avoided the lip area and this time there was no tightness, so definitely just me and not the product!  It hasn’t irritated any other area of my face, even the break-out I’m currently battling.  The exfoliating ‘bits’ are just the right size and amount to use to get a fresh feeling and not like you’ve scrubbed over your face armed with a pumice stone☺

L’Oréal Radiance Revealing Exfoliator is a once a day application product, either morning or evening.  I’ve opted for evening as after a day’s make-up wearing and braving the climatic conditions I felt the benefit would be more substantial for me to use it then. 

It makes my skin feel very soft afterwards and thoroughly clean without the ‘squeaky’ feeling you get with soaps.  I’ve used different exfoliators in the past that have been very effective and I have to say I am impressed with this one too.  My skin does seem to have more of a glow to it now and a lessening of the dullness I’ve had to contend with recently.  I’ll definitely be using it throughout the winter months to try and counteract the weathers harsh effects on my skin.  I hope it’ll serve me well as a first defence before applying my evening products and then wearing cosmetics each day. 

Retailing at approx £4.50 for a high-street ‘off-the-shelf’ product that’s suitable for all skin types, it’s certainly worth a pop if you’re feeling like your skin needs a bit of ‘oomph’ put back into it.  It’s a decent price for the amount you get, it may not be ‘premium’ in the world of skincare products but it has definitely made my skin feel smoother and given it, well… it’s given it a bit of radiance back! 

It’s a great product for those on a tighter budget for their skincare products, I’ll definitely be using it for the next few months to see just how much radiance I can claw back!



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