Getting the wow’s thanks to HD Brows!

HD Brows Palette – ‘Foxy’

I’ve always used an eyebrow pencil, but the one I currently had on the go was nearing its end so I decided to look around and see what other products were out there for lovers of a defined brow!

The first one I came across (and didn’t leave!) was from HD Brows, they also do pencils but I chose their palette as it looked so damn sexy!  My brows are dark so I opted for the ‘Foxy’ shade palette, you get 4 colours in its own gorgeous compact – with mirror included☺ (as in previous reviews this is a big tick box for me with products)

 When it arrived I opened it like a kid at Christmas, the packaging is sexy too!  I wasn’t disappointed so far.  I used the bottom right colour which seems to suit best as I don’t want my brows to be too standy-outy as my hair is quite light with my blonde highlights.  The little brush that comes with it is quite simply fabulous, it’s small yes, but I really like it.  One end has the angled brush and the other is a fine line style.  The angled side is perfect to get that sort-after shape to start your brow, I also found it very easy to use. 

You only need a little dab in the colour, I tap off any excess and then start the contour from inside to end.  After I’ve shaped the first quarter of my brow I use the fine line brush and dab in the same colour to fill in and bulk up the rest of my brow line. 

HD Brows Palette used when my threading appt was overdue.  The colour made them look defined and neat even though there was lots of growth and loss of shape

I have my brows threaded about every two weeks, I love the shape I get and this palette intensifies the neatness and clean lines and adds colour as well as depth.  Any gaps that appear can be concealed and rectified easily too.

I’ve also mixed the colour with the lighter brown and that gets me just the right shade to complement my hair which is a mixture of vanilla, ash blonde and my natural brunette underneath. 

Brows with some of the lighter brown shade mixed in

I can’t imagine going back to a pencil!  HD Brows are now on my list of make-up bag essentials and with different shade palettes to choose from there really is one for every tone/hair colour.

This pretty palette will last AGES I’ve barely made a mark in the colours since using it for the last few weeks.  Anyone who’s umming and ahhing about the price – Don’t.  It’s an amazing and fabulous value product that you won’t be disappointed with. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with the palette then do try the others in their range, the pencils look brilliant and if my experience is anything to go by then the pencil will be the best one you’ve tried and you won’t go back to any other.

…I’m converted!



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