Oh Wella, Wella, Wella-Uh (Tell me more, tell me more!)

Wella SP Luxe Light Oil Spray

I decided to try out the spray version of Wella’s Luxe Oil and what better time than when it was in the sale at Beauty Expert

I now have, thanks to a cocktail of awful strong medications, very fine hair.  I’ve tried a sample of the normal, liquid Luxe Oil and also have it put on when I go to the hairdressers but I already have two open hair oils that need using up before I buy anymore.  So I decided to try their spray version, which you use on dry hair after styling.

The blurb says it is specially formulated to meet the needs of fine hair and will leave it soft and supple without the greasy or over-loaded feeling on your hair.

I sprayed a small amount evenly over my hair twice and then waited a little while then gently ran my comb through it.  My hair felt much softer I have to admit and it has the same lovely smell as the liquid oil.  My ends, which are always dry even though they aren’t split, felt restored and my locks seemed boingier in general.  Even now, halfway through the day I still feel the benefit of putting it on at 5.30am (it makes me feel exhausted just writing that time down!) this morning. 

(Left) – My layers are blended in much better and feel lighter

(Right) – This is where side effects from the medications I’m on are breaking my hair off in places, it feels and looks so much better with the spray on

My doo’ is still feeling soft, smooth and shiny, the ends haven’t frizzed (even in this icky humid weather we’re having) and even if I had it with me I wouldn’t feel that I needed to put more on.

A spray version of hair oil is a great idea, I was using a tiny bit of my current oil in the mornings on my dry hair to tame it a little more but now I’ll be more than happy to spritz some Luxe on and have the all-day lasting effects. 

Wella SP Luxe Light Oil Spray is a very, very good, nifty little product …which leads me to my only criticism – little

The spray comes in a 75ml size and although I only needed a small amount it just seems such a tiny can!  As a finishing product I know that it will (I hope!) last a long time and I did only use two sprays, the results of which have lasted the day so far.  My brain is just having difficulty with the price to size ratio!  I’m unsure if I would pay any more than I did in the sale for it again to be honest. 

That said, it does make my hair feel lovely, soft and silky, I’m really happy I bought it to try and I can tell the difference that it has made to my locks.  It also helps calm my hair of static from the scarves and winter coat hoods that have now been dragged from the closet!

If you see it in the sale (or want to pay full whack for it) then I give it the thumbs up to try out ☺



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