When Glitter’s Applied To The ‘Dark Side’ (Much ‘Force’ Required!)

Tender Loving Care for my Disability Chair

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Darth – he is my special chair.  He’s called Darth for (in my opinion) obvious reasons, I’ll pop his photo at the bottom for you to see him☺

We have been buddy’s for 2 years now and I don’t know what I’d do without him.  My employer was advised that they needed to provide a suitable chair at my desk for my spinal problems and a normal office chair just didn’t cut it.

I spent a few hours in Total Back Care Centre and put my butt down on various makes and models to try out and find which type was going to help me the most.  At home I love my recliner sofa, with that in mind the guy chose a few chairs that had a reclining option.

I was greeted, after he’d gone off to the store room to get 5 of them, which a line-up to test out.  Now I’ll be honest here, as a massive Star Wars fan-geek as soon as I spied one in the line my heart (and inner geek) melted and I pinned everything on him being ‘The One’.  I did try them all out correctly and didn’t give Darth any extra points for being AMAZING, but as it turned out he was the best chair☺…all £800 of him! 

On a side note, why is it everything I need, in order to try and lead my life controlling disability, SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE?!?!  Luckily my chair came out of my employer’s wallet else I’d still be perched in pain on the old one if I had to fund it myself.

Anyway, Darth is fab-u-lous and extremely comfortable for my back.  He has a rocking motion too that is rather funky (and could easily send you off to the land of nod if you’re not careful)

Last week I had to give him a thorough cleanse… the first in 2 years. 

Now, as you may be able to imagine I have my make-up with me at all times and touch it up many times during the day as well as having heaps of lotions and potions in my desk drawer. 

Mineral powder foundation wearers out there may know what I mean when I say that my surrounds are tinged with a layer of beige (well it’s a layer of ‘Fairly Light’ if I’m using Bare Minerals and ‘Cinnamon’ if it’s BellaPierre) at the end of the week the television in the lounge, which is situated behind my make-up putting on area, needs at least two good wipe-downs to become black again so as you can imagine Darth was in urgent need of a good wash with a pack of wet wipes and lots of anti-bac spray.

There were foundation ‘finger-lines’ all around the edges of the seat, a hefty covering of various powders, a hard layer welded onto  the head-rest from the shine sprays I use on my hair and finally his arms were bordering on a dark cream colour with the amount of build up from both Ed Hardy perfumed body lotion and my fave The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter, not only were his arms discolored they were also heavily glittered (imagine a toddler let loose with a glue-gun and huge tube of multi-coloured glitter sprinkles) this wasn’t just a light smattering of colour!  I had to use 10 wet wipes to rectify each of his little arms.

…Poor Darth, I had turned him from the dark side to the disco side. 

I am now mindful when reapplying my make-up and also when using shimmer and glittery lotions, to make sure my pal is wiped down regularly.  I’m sure he appreciates it and after all he’s been through he continues to look after me even though he spent 24 months masquerading as a multi-colour-cosmetic zebra.


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