From Morphine To Mushrooms Via Diazepam & Damsons

Eating myself back to health

You can have all the products, lotions and potions in the World but if you aren’t putting the right things into your body then you aren’t going to see much benefit on the outside.

I’ve been trying to increase my overall health, as well as see an improvement in my hair and skin, by putting more goodness into myself, in conjunction with using my fancy-pants products still ☺ I have to take multiple strong medications for spinal problems so dealing with the side effects from those has been an ongoing battle.

I’ve not eaten meat for about 6 years now, I just went off it and now even smelling cooked bacon doesn’t tempt me, although it’s still a very nice smell!  I’m also allergic to dairy so I cut that out of my diet about 2 years ago, I was a cheese monster though.  At Christmas I’d easily eat my way through a huge brie and then I’d hit the baby Stilton armed with a big spoon.  My eczema and psoriasis is way more under control now and I feel better in general for cutting the dairy out.  I have a coconut based milk that my other half says tastes like a creamy skimmed milk so he drinks that too and there are so many alternatives out there now it’s fab for people who suffer from allergies, even dairy-free custard! (it’s on my pending list of things to indulge in!) 

In all honesty, I don’t find it difficult to have my recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit/vegetables, I’ve always loved fruit and veggies, whereas my other half isn’t much of a fan so he stumbles when it comes to getting a good amount down your hatch.

For a few weeks now I’ve been drinking a lot of home-made smoothies .  I bought an inexpensive smoothie maker, which can double as a blender too which we did need (therefore a justified purchase for once!).  I tried out some green smoothies last week and they were all really nice!  I say that with surprise because of what they had in them, I expected more of a ‘taking medicine’ approach than actual enjoyment. 

They mainly consisted of– banana (and/or avocado), apple, pear, kiwi, celery, cucumber, fresh spinach, grapes, a few glugs of KoKo milk and 2 tbsp of flaxseeds.  I whizzed them all up then left them overnight to chill in the fridge for the next day’s dinner.  I managed to get the portions right, not too much spinach (or broccoli in a few of them!) and not too much liquid.  The cucumber gives a melon-like flavour and kiwi is quite a strong taste so that came through with the apple and pear.  They were truly very yummy and averaging 7-8 of the ‘5-a-day’.  I did feel the benefit afterwards too and seemed to have much more energy (still in bed super early from days of medication taking though)

Green & Red Smoothie Goodness

I did the same kind of smoothie at the weekend but substituted spinach with some chopped raw beetroot, which worked really well too.  I do like the taste of beetroot so I put quite a bit in but I put some nectarine and grapes in as well so it balanced out the taste.  Again, I felt great afterwards (and the next day) it has been so simple to get lots of healthy fruit and veg down me in an easy way that tastes nice too!

I’ve had extra fruit if I haven’t included it in the smoothie and also a couple of brazil nuts for their vitamin e and good-fattiness as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds with raisins in.  I’ve always loved rice cakes and crackers so I’ve made sure there are lots of those in the cupboard too, a great source of fibre for the bod.  I have dairy-free margarine, and then a layer of Marmite… yes I am a lover!  Even my Marmite loving other half looks queasy at the amount of the stuff I put on my rice cakes.  You can never have too much of the ‘Mite!

Marmite Love & Vegan Vegetable Chow Mein

Some days I’ve had quinoa for dinner instead of one of the smoothies.  Quinoa is a grain quite similar to bulgur wheat but a little different in texture and a bit nuttier tasting.  I did a very, very yummy and easy quinoa vegetable curry – quinoa cooked with a bit of turmeric then drained and added to cooked mushrooms, onions, carrots, tinned tomatoes and broad beans, seasoned with garam masala and Swartz medium curry powder.  It was very close to being as good as a take-away dish!

I also decided to try out Perfectil’s ‘Skin-Hair-Nails’ supplements, I’ve only taken them for 10 days so far so I can’t really give much info on if they are worth the money but I have another 80 day’s supply so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you at the end! 

My skin is gradually beginning to look and feel better from packing in more goodness and I shall continue to do so!  It’s not the end of the World if I have crisps or a big bowl of pudding, I’m not going to be hard on myself for having a treat now and again. 

I just want my body back to being healthy and, hopefully, see the effects show through in my skin and hair. 

At the moment I’m waiting for an appointment (after going through all options from Pain Mgmt.) to see my favourite medical professional, the lovely Dr. Marino, who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at New Cross Hospital (with a fabulous, jealousy-inducing skin tone and complexion which I must remember is absolutely not appropriate to mention when/if I finally get an appt. with him) to see if there is anything he can do to help with the pain I’m in. 

I have amazing friends who have got me through some of the toughest months and I can only get stronger.  Yes, I am disabled but no, it’s not going to stop me from living my life and if each day I manage to have giggles and fun with my friends then it’s ticked the box for me.

I am on a mission to help myself, by any means possible, to improve my health and wellbeing…

…and pamper myself throughout the process with a few products I may have lying around ☺


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