Hotter Trotters Thanks To HoMedics!

HoMedics Myspa Heel Smoother

Ever since I came back from holidaying in New York City nearly 7 years ago I have suffered from cracked heels that just won’t go away, I think it’s my feet trying to tell me that they NEED to go back to the big Apple … one day feet …one day!

Until then I shall have to keep showering then with TLC.  The past 7 years I have used as many lotions for cracked dry heels as I could find with none having any long lasting effect, after a few days when I thought they had revived themselves they start to hurt again and the itching, ouch!  So horrible and it even started waking me up in the night! 

I thought that using the foot files as well as the lotions would help …they didn’t.  I bought one of those egg shaped devices which just grated the skin off my heels and left them sore and bleeding in parts, not good.  I was very gentle with it too, not like I was hurriedly preparing half a tonne of mozzarella for mass pizza making.

While I was product shopping online I saw a few hand held devices that claimed to rid feet of cracked heels easily, without any grating involved!

I opted for the Homedics ‘My Spa Heel Smoother’.  It is powered by 2 AA batteries, has 2 power settings and includes 3 interchangeable heads.  Two are Crystal tips, one larger for areas such as the heel and the other for smaller areas of the foot that need attention.  Finally a brush like an electric toothbrush head to polish the area afterwards, it comes with a little bag to keep everything in and an instruction booklet too.

After the first use I was amazed at the difference, I used the larger crystal tip and kept on the first power setting throughout.  The second setting is a little faster but I was happy to keep the first one after I could see the results starting to show. I am using the second setting more now but have to keep in mind to be light-handed so I don’t make the skin sore by going over the area too much.

I gently moved the tip over the edges of my heels and on the soles that have dry skin.  There was a LOT of dust (‘skin-dust’ as my other half pointed out with an ewwww look on his face) but the results after one use were just amazing.  I also cover myself, and all surrounding areas, with a big bath towel now to catch the ‘skin-dust’!

I’m really impressed with this little device, it’s easy-peasy to operate and light in weight.  I spend about 5ish minutes on each foot, gently going over the hard areas and try to do this about 2-3 times a week, I’m sure this will lessen as they get softer. 

Afterwards I soak them in the lovely Gehwol foot soak and pat dry then finish by using ‘Skintruth’ aloe & peppermint heel repair balm, which gives a final layer of moisturising action.  I have to say, after each use my heels look fabulous and I no longer feel paranoid wearing my sandals and flip-flops out and about.  When I’m putting tights on I don’t get that awful scratching noise from the cracked skin or hear them scraping on the duvet cover! 



I’m so, so glad I bought this and even happier that it really does work.  My heels looked awful and felt it too, but after using the Homedics Heel Smoother I’m happy to show them off to the World☺


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