Gold Glitter Glitzy!

Nails by Pretty Woman Salon #1

Morgan Taylor ‘Glitter and Gold’ & Pretty Woman neutral

Here are the latest design/colours I’m wearing by my amazing (and super talented) nail technician (and friend) Em ☺

I really love neutral shades and have worn them on my nails quite a lot this year, I like that I don’t have to worry about clashing with any other colours and that there are so many different neutral shades out there now, giving lots of choice.

I chose a neutral with a medium depth to it, not too sheer and not too pastel.  It’s from the beauty salon I go to (Pretty Woman in the West Midlands – Contact details here!) own range and it works well with many different colours added to it. 

As soon as I looked at the new polishes they had in, from the Morgan Taylor brand, in the huge line-up of bottles I fell in love with the fabulously blingy ‘Glitter and Gold’.  I knew it would work really well with the base colour I had chosen too.

Em applied two coats of the neutral polish, just one of the ring finger, then a layer of the gorgeous gold on top. 

I really like a ‘statement nail’ design and have had a few variations the last few months (which I really should put up on here soon!) 

The gold worked perfectly, I just couldn’t stop looking at them afterwards!  Two weeks in, and with a UV top coat on to stop chipping, they are still in great shape and my glittery gold nail is still as vibrant and eye-catching as it was when first applied and I’ve had so many compliments on them from friends and strangers!

I will be sad to see them go in a few weeks but I’m already getting excited looking through recent nail designs that I’ve seen on the catwalk of the Fashion Weeks and deciding what option to go for next on them ☺

Talon-tastic times!


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