Mascara that deserves a gold star!

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara – Sparkling Brown

I have always used mascara in my routine and most have seemed to be a bit ‘middle of the road’, they do the job but nothing special …until now!…  Lancôme Hypnôse Star definitely has the wow-factor!  I’d read a list of beauty best-buys on one website a while ago and this was one of them so I popped it on my (ever increasing) birthday/Christmas list and was over the moon when I received it on my birthday! 

I frantically used up the one I had already open so I could get my mitts on this one and oh my, it certainly hasn’t disappointed.  The bottle alone had me ‘oooooooooooooooooh-ing’ out loud, it’s so pretty and sparkly and just blooming lush!

The brush is dual-sided with both a flat and round side, which means you can lengthen and define much easier and also do your bottom lashes if you’re that way inclined.  I did do them last week and although I liked the effect, and my other half (who usually doesn’t notice very much in the way of cosmetics) also said ‘have you been experimenting with your eye make-up?’ when I got in the car after work (I took this to be a positive btw!)  I think I shall stay with just upper lashes for day to day applying though.

There are beautiful, tiny gold flecks in this mascara which add just a hint of shimmer to my lashes.  I do love sparkle, it gives me that feeling of glitz and glamour even if it’s just a smattering on my cheeks or eyes or décolletage (some-times on all and in hair and all over body) …as I said I do love my sparkle!

My lashes do look volumised and curled after using it, I apply another layer a few moments later for added oomph and some-times during the day I’ve popped another layer on and it still doesn’t clump up like some do.  It just adds more definition and really does open up my eyes.

It’s one of the more pricer mascaras on the market but it is certainly one of my favourites now.  The Lancôme range is quite vast and it is very tempting when you see the line-up on offer, so I may try out a different one when this one runs out (which shouldn’t be too long at the rate I’m motoring through it!) 

For me, mascara is an essential part of my daily make-up routine and Hypnôse Star has been a pleasure to use and feels luxurious on and also *in* my make-up bag!  When you twist the lid to close you can feel a slight ‘click’ so you know it’s properly secured and won’t dry up either, I like that little addition.  The wand is perfect to apply and it delivers all that I expect from the more expensive of mascaras.

Pretty, pretty, pretty ☺

From the Lancôme website:

How to apply Hypnôse Star –
Gently press the flat part of the brush onto the roots of the upper lashes.
Turn the brush to the side with longer bristles and glide from the roots to the ends in a zigzag movement spreading evenly. Use as much mascara as needed to thicken and taper the lashes.

1. Start in the centre of the top lash fringe.
2. Then apply mascara to the outer and inner corners of the lash fringe.
3. Repeat these steps for more volume.
4. Finish the application on the lower lashes working outwards from the centre of the lash fringe.


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