Mad for Murad! Part 2

Murad Environmental Shield® Essential C Eye Cream

I have to confess, I rarely used eye cream (until now!) it was something that I completely overlooked in my skincare routine.  Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise, yes, but eye cream?… it just didn’t occur to me that my daily routine should include one.

The around-your-eye area is extremely delicate, a lot of face creams can be too harsh and so there are many specialist products on the market dedicated to caring for this part of your skin.  We are blighted by fine lines and those pesky crow’s feet so these products are out there designed to work with these in mind and are gentle enough not to aggravate the delicate skin they’re being applied to.

From the environmental damage that our skin suffers daily, I opted for Murad’s Essential C Eye Cream (as I was so impressed with their cleanser from the same range!) This cream protects the eye area from the aging effects of UVA/UVB rays and hydrates to renew smoothness and suppleness.  Murad Eye Cream has Shorea stenoptera butter and avocado oil in too which fabulously condition your skin and also there is caffeine which reduces puffiness (which is my personal bug-bear at stupid o’clock in the morning!)  With retinol and light diffusers to soften the appearance of my frustrating fine lines and detested dark circles, this cream ticks EVERYTHING on my must-have list!

The bottle has a pump-action dispenser so I find easy to use in order to give me the right amount of cream, a little does go a very long way as well so it is definitely worth the money!  I use just one little pump for each eye, putting it on the back of my hand first and then ,using my index finger, I dab a few dots onto my brow line and then gently massage in, then I add a few more dots underneath my eye and again gently massage until the cream is fully absorbed. 

After a few minutes my skin feels firmer and also tighter (not tight in a bad way, I must stress that to you!)  My skin feels toned plus hydrated and I don’t feel like the skin is as saggy as it used to, nor do I wish for the invention of ‘facial scaffolding’ to remedy the situation anymore 🙂

My eyes look and feel more ‘awake’ and I’m left with a lovely smooth, primed feeling to my skin.

Knowing that this area of my face is protected from environmental irritants and also harmful sun rays, gives me the reassurance I need when I have to be out in it for most days of the week!


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