Mad for Murad! Part 1

Murad Environmental Shield® Essential C Cleanser

The impact of pollutants in the environment is a constant daily battle in order to keep our skin protected.  Thanks to Murad there is now a range of skin care that has this specifically in mind.  The Essential C Cleanser helps to wash away the damage that the environment has on our skin, it removes the impurities and irritants and leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated.

I love it!  The little bubbles of zesty freshness from mandarin orange and soothing aromas of basil and grapefruit make this a tube of pure summer delight!  It restores the moisture in my skin that the day has sapped and leaves it feeling repaired from the harsh atmosphere that surrounds us.  As I’ve previously touched on, vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants which help defend our skin from free radicals, the cleanser has all of these included so as well as providing protection I feel it also provides a delicious and nutritious meal for my face!

c cleanser

The cleanser is so fresh and fruity.  My skin doesn’t feel stressed out, it feels like it’s been treated to a spa weekend with fine dining and champagne!  It looks healthy and my dry patches are eased.  The cleanser removes all of my make-up, and it’s so gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling soft not squeaky!

From Murad’s information, it also contains–

Sodium PCA which binds moisture to the skin, keeping it looking supple, soft and youthful.

Allantoin which is a soothing and moisturising ingredient which rejuvenates skin, promoting a healthy and beautiful complexion

 Both of these are important factors in giving your skin the help it needs to overcome each day’s exposure to the elements.  I haven’t had my awful eczema break-outs while using it either.  My face does feel rejuevenated and my complexion is clear and looks far healthier than it did using previous cleansers.

I use a small amount which is enough to cover my face and neck (don’t forget your neck!!!!!) it lathers up onto my skin and washes away the feeling of a grotty layer of smog and dust that sits on my skin at the end of the day.  The smell is fab in the morning to awaken my senses, the smell of mandarin like a gentle alarm call (rather than the high pitched bleep at 5am I have to first content with!)

The bottle is long-lasting and I shall definitely continue using it.  With environmental damage being a daily struggle to protect yourself and your skin from, knowing that I use the Essential C cleanser gives me reassurance that I have given my face the best start and end to each day!

Click here to visit the Murad website for more delicious products!




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