Beauty Tips and Cocktail Sips!

I hope every-one is enjoying the glorious sunny weather we’re being treated to at the moment! 

I’m so looking forward to a weekend of lounging in the garden, snacking on summery treats and a few cheeky drinkies to celebrate the sun coming out to play ☀

Whatever plans are ahead for the next few days, make sure you’re covered in a good SPF from your head to your tootsies!

Here are some of my beauty tips I try to remember during the longed for hazy summer days and nights 🙂

  • Use anti-bacterial wipes on your neck, feet, back (and anywhere else you fancy!) to keep sweaty break-outs at bay.


  • Batiste dry shampoo is a summer handbag essential, sweaty scalp leads to sweaty hair which makes us feel bleurgh.   A few squirts of Batiste and your locks are looking fresh again!


  • Hate the hot, itchy head feeling?  Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner is the one you need!  It provides immediate and calming relief.  It’s one of my regulars in my summer months!


  • If you’ve got a cool shot button on your hairdryer USE IT!  It helps to maintain your doo’ by setting it in place and the cold air reduces frizz and can add shine too …not to mention how cooling it is when angled down your top after suffering the heat of blow-drying!


  • Summer heat and humidity makes our hair dry out, pamper your follicles with nourishing and hydrating masks and serum to fight that frizz!


  • Using a primer under your make-up will give it more staying power.  I opt for the less is more approach in the summer months.  Starting with a thin layer of day cream such as Murad Essential C which has SPF 30, then a thin layer of primer and finish with a few brush strokes of Bare Minerals foundation (which includes SPF 15)


  • Invest in a small, angled brush for your bronzer to help with precise definition.  Apply sparingly for a sun-kissed splash …leave the cakey look for puddings!


  • To stop your eyeshadow from creasing, use a specialist eye primer rather than moisturiser on your lids. 


  • My fridge contains more products than it does of food at the moment!  Designate one shelf for your face and eye creams, they’ll feel lovely on your skin when you apply them.  I also put my lip-glosses/lipsticks in there too so they don’t melt.  If you still have room in there, pop your pillowcase in a food bag and leave it until bed-time for an instant cooling effect 🙂  I’ve even put my summer PJ’s in there this week!  Pure heaven after getting out of the shower then straight into chilled jim-jams 🙂


  • Face mists are great for work, bedside table, handbag, car etc!  A spritz or two and you’re refreshed, hydrated and it also helps to set make-up.


  • Shimmer love!  I completely adore The Body Shop’s Coconut Shimmer Body Butter.  Not only does it leave my skin wonderfully moisturised, it also gives gorgeous flecks of glittery shimmer to my skin.  Sparkle in the sunshine!


  • Keep on applying a good lip balm throughout the day to keep your lips from drying out and chapping.


  • When you’re putting blush on, give the mirror a big smile while you apply the colour to rosey up your ‘apples’ 🙂


  • Make sure your foundation is the correct shade for your skin type to ensure it gives a natural look.  Try testing the shade on your décolletage area instead of on your hands as the skin on your hands can be darker.

And finally –

  • Keep your body hydrated too!  Drink lots of water …I also recommend regular ice cold Long Island Iced Tea, Lime Mojito and Raspberry Daiquiri…  😉





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