Ooze passion with NARS ‘Orgasm’!

NARS – The ‘Orgasm’ shade

I hadn’t looked at the NARS brand until a few months ago while reading a list of beauty best-sellers and being distracted by the Orgasm in the list!  I am now a huge fan of the brand and especially their orgasms… just to clarify, it’s the name of the shade!

My first purchase was the lipgloss, although I have an enormous amount of glosses already open I just couldn’t resist trying it on as soon as I had taken it out of its sleek, sophisticated packaging.  The colour is a beautiful pinky-peachy-gold-shimmery shade, it’s more-ish… give me a box of Krispy Kreme’s and a tube of ‘orgasm’ lipgloss and I’ll go giddy with delight and reach for NARS every time 🙂

I wear it… a lot… it works so well with my other colours and it keeps your lips hydrated and soft, perfect!

Two days later I bought the blush in the same shade, it definitely gives a flush to your cheeks!  Again, it’s wonderful.  All the colour tones of the gloss come through in the blush as well, it’s so nice to have a different blush to the ones that I already have which all have overly pink tones or are bronzer types.  It shimmers on my cheeks, the peachy-pink giving my face a healthy glow whilst defining my cheekbones and shaping my face.  The colour is lovely, be it just a slight smattering or if you apply an extra few brush strokes for a more intense effect.  I use Bare Minerals Face Shaping ‘V’ brush, which makes it easier for me to get the right area to apply and follow my cheekbones so I highlight correctly to get the most benefit from the colour.

By the end of that week I had bought another gloss as it was fast becoming my daily lippy of choice and so fast depleting too!  I also couldn’t resist a little look at the other colours and ended up buying another.  This time in ‘MoonFleet’ which is more of a pale colour with gorgeous gold flecks in it, this colour is perfect for when I do smokey eyes, I tend to leave my lips bare but now a layer of ‘MoonFleet’ gives a little sparkle that doesn’t distract from the eyes.  It is also really good for using as a top coat to other colour lip colours to give a bit of ‘oomph’ to your pout!

The next week I justified the need for the ‘Orgasm’ nail polish, it is as stunning as the other products in this shade range.  The colour goes on smoothly and gives a bright splash on your talons of perfect summery peach-pink gold shimmer to brighten up your look.  I always feel fab when I’ve got matching toes, pinkie nails, lips and cheeks on show!

Their other colours are so bright, bold and buyable!  They provide a palette rainbow for all aspects of make-up and once you start buying you’ll be an instant fan!

I want to purchase ALL.OF.THE.NARS!  I’ve fallen for them in a big way but I know that my first love will always stay with me, when you have found the most amazing ‘Orgasm’ it’s difficult to move on…


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