Prepared to ‘BB’ Amazed!

I’d never used a BB (Blemish Balm) before this weekend, instead I would wear my usual foundation during the hot summer months and have to constantly reapply.  It was an on-going battle!  I’d put my foundation on then attempt to catch it just before it started to melt off when I was began to sweat.    Because of having full make-up on my skin it felt too warm regardless, even when I wasn’t in direct sunlight!

I have dark marks under my eyes, dry patches from eczema and thin veins that have a very lovely purple tinge to them blighting on my face.  I’d written off BB creams without ever trying them, there was no way a layer of cream could give me the coverage I needed whilst keeping my skin tone even, was there????…

Well, YES! There was!  I’m very grateful to Beauty Expert for sending me a sample tube of BB cream to try out and review for them.  I would still be armed with face brush and powder in these recent melty weeks we’re experiencing if it wasn’t for the chance of trying out my first BB.

Because of the blemishes I have I’m not confident enough to go out and about with just ‘bare face’ (as much as I would love to when it’s this hot outside!)  My dark marks are noticeable and people always comment on how I must be ‘really tired’ when, in fact, they are a permanent fixture under my eyes, no  matter how much sleep I have! 

I couldn’t believe that one tube of cream was able to provide all the necessary tick-boxes that I needed… *Drum Roll*… Decleor BB 24hr Moisture Activator!!!!!!

A gorgeous product from a gorgeous brand! 

 This weekend has been the hottest yet, it’s so relaxing just lounging in the garden (the beer kind or your own!) and enjoying the rarity of sunny days without being at work 🙂  I decided that it would be a great time to see what this BB hype is all about.

On application it glides onto your skin giving enough coverage to conceal blemishes, while leaving skin able to breathe and feeling as light as a feather! 

From the moment you apply you can feel the hydrating properties soothing your skin, my dry patches didn’t stand out, they felt moisturised along with the rest of my skin while giving me the confidence to use just the BB cream instead of full make-up. 

It doesn’t leave a residue or greasy feeling either, it absorbs quickly to give a natural coverage.  It’s a must-have in the hot summer months as it contains SPF15 as well, not only are you are protected from harmful sun rays, your face will feel hydrated throughout the day.  My skin looked natural and my dark circles and veins were concealed enough so I didn’t feel self-conscious going out in public.

This tube of fabulousness has definitely been placed on my essentials list! 


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