Give your lips a twirl in gorgeous ‘Teddy Girl’!

Butter London Lippy – ‘Teddy Girl’

Butter London Lippy in ‘Teddy Girl’ is described as a ‘pale retro bubblegum pink’.  I love it! 

I’m usually a lip gloss girl but this is more of a liquid lipstick, it is highly pigmented and has the texture and colour-block of a lipstick, it doesn’t slip or slide on your lips and is also very long-wearing.  I applied it in the morning and after a cup of coffee and much gossiping it was still going strong, albeit a little less vibrant. 

The beautiful pale, pastel pink shade compliments my complexion and when I wear it I don’t feel like it’s washing me out or that it’s too wild!  I adore neutrals and this falls into my category of such colours.  The colour is perfect for the Spring/Summer seasons, it reminds me of candy floss and strawberry ice cream 🙂

When I’ve worn it I have gone for a minimal look with just Bare Minerals foundation to medium coverage and then liquid black eyeliner to give a thin line on my upper lids and a little flick at the end.  It feel sixties and I ended up wearing a black and white striped Topshop body-con dress over full length leggings to fully embody the sixties feel that ‘Teddy Girl’ gave me!

It has the high shine of gloss but the full-on feeling of lipstick, some people remark on it feeling tacky but I don’t have any problems, maybe because I wear a thin layer of balm underneath it helps it to glide on easier and have a little more ‘give’.  The smell/taste is different to any that I’ve tried before and although it’s not unpleasant it took me a little while to get used to, hardly a negative!  In fact I can only find positives about this colour, it’s not like anything I have worn before and the look of the colour is so different to my others.  If you didn’t want a full block of pastel colour you could easily add a little sparkly gloss over the top for a different look.

Butter London Lippy has a doe-foot applicator, (manufacturers use the term “doe foot” to describe the type of sponge-tipped wands found in tubes of lip gloss, concealers etc. because of the applicator’s hoof-shaped angled tip …it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘to put your foot in your mouth’!) because it is more lipstick than gloss and so has a thicker texture, it does go on quite heavy and you need more of a steady hand when you’re using the applicator. 

I always use lip liner, it stops the colour from going over my lip-line and giving that ‘bleeding’ or ‘feathering’ look.  You’re able to get a sharper, more precise line and give better definition to your lip colour at the same time.  My favourite is DuWop’s Reverse Lip Liner (already reviewed – click here!) it’s a clear formula pencil which you can use with all of your lipstick/gloss to keep them from doing a runner! 

I’ve just ordered the ‘Teddy Girl’ nail polish that Butter London also have, I love a company that makes matching products!  I can’t wait to try it out and have the whole shebang – toes, fingernails and lips in this beautiful pastel colour, a perfect shade for this perfect weather we’re having.  🙂


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