OI! OI! We’re in love with Moi Moi! ♡

L’anza Healing Moisture Moi Moi Hand Treatment

 I’ve gone a bit wild recently in the buying of beauty bargains!  I blame the fabulous Summer sale on the Beauty Expert website for having such amazing items at equally amazing prices!

So, here’s, yet another, hand cream post.  I am a lover of hand creams so I can’t resist trying out new ones.  I spied with my little no-guilt-at-all-when-shopping eye, L’anaz Healing Moisture Moi Moi Hand Treatment that was in the Beauty Expert sale.  A quick look at the blurb and it was in my shopping basket, a few uses when it arrived and I went back and bought a second!

This cream has all the tick boxes – for severely rough, dry, cracked hands, protects and stays on after multiple hand washings in order to stay hydrating.  I get dermatitis and the skin peels and cracks, on my palms there are rough bits that just won’t go and generally my hands make me feel fed up when I look at them.  So I was (literally) itching to try this one out.

It’s full of exotic blends of botanicals and natural extracts which gives it a lovely fresh smell when you massage it into your hands and the pump action top  can be swizzled round so that it locks which is really helpful for me as it is now another of my handbag essentials!

L’Anza Hand Treatment is intensive and it does soothe and repair.  I was dubious about the staying on after washing your hands part but I’ve been using it all week and I can honestly tell you that after washing my hands twice during one hour today, still my skin doesn’t feel dry.  The in-between fingers bit where I get dermatitis is still under control and my cuticles are also looking hydrated and that’s without using any Solar Oil!

My friend tried some on this morning, she also suffers from very dry skin on her hands.  She is equally as impressed with moi moi as I am and has now bought herself a bottle as well.  As a fan of Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream she said it was a surprise that there was another hand cream on the market that was as good as the one she currently uses.

I love the fact that moi moi doesn’t leave any residue or greasy film on your skin afterwards, it just sinks into your skin and all the hydrating properties of the natural ingredients do their job to leave your hands feeling nourished and healthy.

You also get a good amount of it for your money, the bottle holds 250ml and a little really does go a long way as it provides continuous nourishment.  You don’t need to reapply as often as you would with other creams.

There are many missions that I have set myself in which to find the ultimate in super-duper, fab-tastic brand lip balms, foot creams, hair care and also hand creams.  To name a few.

After trying L’anza Hand Treatment all I can say to sum up is …the hand cream quest has now been marked ‘completed’ 🙂


One thought on “OI! OI! We’re in love with Moi Moi! ♡

  1. I’m the friend, and I was so impressed I bought 2! I have horribly dry skin on my hands and legs, and I’ve searched for years to find the perfect moisturiser. Despite my skin being dry most creams/lotions don’t sink in, and I’m left with a layer of grease over cracked and bleeding ‘crocodile’ skin. I also find i am re-applying every 10 minutes just to have a hope of overcoming this. When I found Crabtree and Evelyn I nearly wept because it sank in straight away – it did, however, tend to leave a film and I was still having to re-apply quite regularly (not every 10 minutes thank god! More like every hour), which is fine if it’s an inexpensive product, but not so good with products from the mid-high price range.

    Fast forward to this morning and Becks says ‘Ooh, do you want to try this lotion? It’s full of natural, botanical loveliness and you can lock the top so it can go in your handbag! (Or words to that effect – it was early, and I’d barely dented my large mug of black-as-midnight coffee so I may be remembering it wrong. Plus I was at work – even in lovely company who remembers things that were said in the first hour of the workday? Only odd people and managers!) I was suitably obliging and tried said miracle cream, only to find it really was MIRACLE cream! Tiny amount of lotion that sunk in immediately, was very easy to apply, left no residue, and smelt lovely. It’s been nearly six and a half hours since I sampled it and I’ve yet to re-apply mouisturiser. Thank you for the recommendation Becky – I bow down to your beauty product hunting prowess 😀

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