Getting smoochy with Gucci!

Flora by Gucci

I love floral and fruity fragrances, the summer months are finally arriving and so I’m breaking out some of my all-time favourite scents.  My perfume for today’s warmer weather is ‘Flora by Gucci’, it really is a blooming gorgeous perfume! 🙂

It’s bright and cheerful, sweet but not sickly and feels fresh on your skin.  The fragrance is said to be composed of rose and osmanthus flower, which the write-up’s say is a rare bloom that originates in China. 

I can smell the top notes of citrus and peony as well as the other florals coming through, usually I read the descriptions of fragrances and, like fine wines, I’m perplexed as to how they can smell all these strange and difference parts!  There is a base note of sandalwood and patchouli (which are said to be signatures in Gucci world) but I don’t pick those up as much as the floral notes that noticeably drift through.

The packaging is beautiful, on their website it says the fragrance was inspired by Gucci’s iconic flora pattern.  I adore the box as much as the smell!  The bottle is a hexagonal design with a cute little bow around the lid, stunning in itself!

I always try to buy matching body lotions for the perfumes I love.  By using the lotion for Flora I don’t use quite as much during the day either as my skin carries a hint of the delicate fragrance, plus I’m all for prolonging the longevity of the higher priced fragrances in my collection!

If you’re searching for a perfume that oozes femininity, glitz and glamour then splurge your cash on a bottle of ‘Flora by Gucci’, you won’t be disappointed!



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