Stop lashing-out!!

LashFood Eyelash Conditioner

Last week I placed three huge orders from the Beauty Expert Summer sale.  One of the items I bought was ‘LashFood’ natural eyelash conditioner.  It has a recommendation from Eylure and claims to give you ‘longer, thicker, stronger lashes in 4-8 weeks’.

 I’ve used it three times so far, the bottle looks like a mascara tube but the brush inside is an incredibly fine thin brush, much like a precision eyeliner.  You apply nightly and sweep the brush along your eyelash line, as if you were putting your eyeliner on.  I know I’ll get used to it but it does tickle a bit at first!  You have to be really gentle pulling the brush out, if you’re heavy handed it could all fly out, it was a near miss the first time I did it so now I do it really slowly! 

 My lashes have seemed to be few and far between over the last few months or so, they are quite fine as well so I was on the look-out wanting to try something like this to bulk them up a bit. 

 When I put mascara on my lashes it’s more noticeable to me that they are a bit ‘gappy’ for want of a better word, LashFood is drug-free and natural so I’m happy to put it on such a delicate part of my face.   It feeds lashes with a nano-peptide technology and helps frail, brittle lashes become healthy.  Which is what I’m after, I just want to give them some TLC and try to beef them up a bit!  More oomph and less wimp!  I know there are mascara’s out there that give a false lash effect (more on mascara’s coming soon!) but I’ve always wondered whether products such as this really work and I’d like to see an improvement with my lashes without mascara on. 

 Is it help or merely hype?  Time will tell. 

 I have bought another tube so I can give it a good, few months of usage and after approx. 8 weeks I shall review again with the results for you! 


3 thoughts on “Stop lashing-out!!

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