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Alterna Winter RX For Hair – Thermal Treatment Oil

Having used, and loved, Alterna’s anti-static spray I had to buy their Winter RX for hair thermal treatment oil. You apply it whilst washing your hair, I initially thought it was a leave-in product, but I was still happy and looking forward to trying it out.

It’s similar in texture to the VO5 hot oil that I used to use many years ago. After I shampooed my hair I applied the thermal oil from root to tip and massaged into my scalp and length of my hair before using my ‘Aqua Splash’ Tangle Teezer to distribute it evenly. I left it on for about 3 minutes (the recommendation is 1-3 minutes) and then let the water rinse it off.

I did use a little bit of my usual conditioner afterwards as my hair is quite dry at the moment but I could feel after washing it off how smooth my hair was.

I really like this product, it has a subtle smell and didn’t make my hair have the chip-fat effect that you can get from some oil treatments!

The information on the bottle says it warms slightly to infuse moisture into your hair and scalp. I didn’t feel any warmth so there was no funny feeling like you some-times get from those face masks that make your skin tingle, I feel unsettled by things like that! But no, there were no odd sensations from this treatment oil. And although this range is targeting the harsh winter weather’s effect on our hair I’ll definitely be using it all year round

It claims to leave hair deeply hydrated, shiny, soft and helps prevent breakage and dryness! After I’ve used this oil my hair was amazingly fabulous, I feel like I have a silk-like mane! Even my dry ends are now soft and overall it feels so light-weight and shiny. I can’t comment on the preventing breakage yet but I have high hopes as it has been bang on so far! It says for best results use 1-2 times a week, I’ll be doing exactly that, it really is worth trying.

It’s far better than the old VO5 hot oil too and my hair doesn’t feel or look greasy. If you have dry hair or hair that needs a shiny softness boost then this product is for you. Alterna are definitely a brand that I’ll be investing in!


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