I’m rather ‘Particuliere’ about my nail colour

Chanel ‘Particuliere’  Nail Varnish

Chanel makeup guru Peter Philips on his most popular shades, full link here –

“They were mixing colors in the lab and I said, ‘Stop!,’ ” Philips recalls. “I took a look at the shade and thought, ‘This is kind of particular. It’s not gray and it’s not beige, it’s kind of weird.’

A few years back I was reading on a few beauty sites about the new season’s shade of nail polish from Chanel that had sold out already in many stockists and had a hefty waiting list of people desperate to get their hands (and nails) on a bottle.  This instantly gained my interest so I looked at some reviews and at the colour of this sought-after polish, a couple of looks later and I was trawling the internet trying to buy one!

It is quite difficult to describe but this taupe-grey, neutral beige-dark colour was gorgeous!  I  NEEDED it!  Luckily my best friend went to a Chanel counter at his local department store who, shockingly, had some left.  I’ll be forever indebted to him for buying it there and then for me 🙂


The casing for Chanel polish is equally as luxurious as the product itself.  I applied two coats of the colour, although if you are pushed for time one coat would suffice as the colour doesn’t streak and doesn’t look weak.  It’s bold and it’s beautiful!  And it is neutral!  I wore it first with a navy blue blouse and trousers and it worked so well.  I tried bright colourful clothes and sandals and no matter what I wore, this colour adapted and looked fabulous, it still does too!  I’ve had it for a few years now and it hasn’t dried up or gone clumpy either.  If I’m ever in doubt what to pop on my toes then I always reach for my trusty bottle of beautiful colour.

I’ve also had it applied a few times at the beauty salon I go to regularly –  ‘Pretty Woman’ in Tettenhall,  Wolverhampton (more on nails by Pretty Woman coming soon!)  ‘Particuliere’ works perfectly with the UV sealant top coats as well so I can have my favourite colour on chip-resistant for about three weeks!

Visit ‘Pretty Woman’ on Twitter or call 01902 754111 to contact them for beauty treatments as well as Shellac and acrylic nails! 



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