Lip Liner just got finer!

DuWop Reverse Lipliner

This product kept appearing when I was ‘browsing for beauty’ recently so I (obviously) saw it as a sign to purchase it!

Being in the warmer months of the year now means I am in make-up hell!  I wear mineral powder foundation so it isn’t too bad to top up the layers that are beginning to sweat off!  But one of my major bug-bears is when I apply my lip gloss and it begins to melt… ewww.  I end up with a glossy top lip and chin, worse if it’s sparkly gloss as I tend to have bits that go all over my face some-how!

DuWop reverse lipliner caught my eye because of the title, what on earth is a reverse lipliner?!  Well in the words of DuWop themselves –  ‘a colorless, matte pencil that when applied to the skin outside the lips produces a perfectly shaped pout while preventing lipstick and gloss from feathering’

They call the miracle ingredient Kombuchka™ and claim it restores volume to areas such as fine vertical lines round the mouth.  I do suffer from these lines and I’ve been getting so down when I’ve completed my look, only for 30 minutes later my lip gloss to have done this ‘feathering’ jobby, which is when it ‘bleeds’ over my lip line. 

I admit I’m a gloss gal rather than lipstick but this pencil works for gloss fabulously.  However, I don’t put it around the outside of my lip line, instead I go around, just inside the inner edge about 3-4 times and then I apply my gloss.  I didn’t think this would do what it claimed but yep, it did just what it should have done!  When I was in the car, warm air beginning to circulate, outside walking to work with the sun shining in my face and then after sipping a drink, my gloss hadn’t budged one bit!  I still had the colour on my lips and it was still intact in the corners of my mouth but the pencil had acted as a barrier and stopped it from journeying around my face 🙂  Even after a couple of hours today and 2 reapplies of my lovely NARS gloss in sparkly ‘Moon Fleet’ the colour remained in the area it should have.  I really am in love with this lipliner ♡

I also used it last week when I went out to watch a band play and had done heavy smoky eye make-up with lots of black eyeliner, I put a line of DuWop under the eyeliner and it didn’t run downwards at all!  Even in a very full and very hot room at the gig! 

In the box you also get a sharpener for the pencil too.  I have used it every day, at least 2 times a day for the last week and I haven’t needed to sharpen it yet.  It really is a brilliant tool and I cannot recommend it enough for people who have problems getting their lip colour to remain where it should.

Thank you DuWop for this amazing little pencil, I shall never be without it! 

And from their product information it is also sulfate-free, fragrance-free, petre-chemical-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, free of pthalates, no GMO’s, no PPG’s, no MEA/DEA/TEA’s, formaldehyde-free, and triclosan-free! 



3 thoughts on “Lip Liner just got finer!

  1. After deciding to sharpen it a little bit this morning the point became sharper and I was able to be even more precise with the application! Even more impressed with it now! Thank you for the comment 🙂 xxx

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