Take a comfy seat while you pamper your feet!

Gehwol foot bath

 My feet give me grief.  My heels are cracked and the skin is so dry it’s like having my own emery boards built in to them!

 I’ve tried so many lotions and none have really delivered, so when I saw Gehwol foot bath I had to try it out. 

You get a 400g bag of the most gorgeous smelling light blue powder, full of natural essential oils – lavender, rosemary and thyme.  As soon as you add warm water the smell intensifies, filling the room with a soothing smell that makes you feel instantly relaxed, I definitely recommend using before bedtime!

The powder helps stop that horrible itchy feeling that comes with dry, cracked skin.  It also claims to soften callouses and corns too, so far I’ve avoided being afflicted with those!

I double the amount as my heels are so bad, approx. 2 tablespoons then I add warm water and soak my feet for about 20 minutes.

After I pat my feet dry they feel much more hydrated and softened, I try to use the foot bath a couple of times a week and my heels feel, and look, so much better for it.

The essential oils delicately fragrance your feet too and continue to give a lovely smell for a few hours afterwards.  When I tip the water away in the bath tub it makes the bathroom smell lovely as well!

It’s also a really nice pamper product, after being on your feet so much it’s nice to sink them into a bowl of this gorgeous smelling foot bath.

 This is now one of my regular purchases, it ticks all the boxes for help with my feet – soothing, hydrating, deodorising and an easy DIY pamper 🙂

 Shop the Gehwol range at my favourite product selling website – Beauty Expert! 


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