No more dramatics from follicle statics!

People who suffer from static in their hair will know what I mean when I say the most disconcerting sound after spending time styling your doo is that last comb through and wham! your hair decides, with a crackle, that it’s going to give you the cling-film effect and wrap itself around your face and neck.  And on particularly bad days, that it also wants to grow vertically.

Some-times it’ll be my favourite scarf that triggers the static. I’ve now got a pile of scarves for ‘up-do’ days so they won’t interfere with my delicately straightened locks when I’m halfway down the motorway to work! Some coats as well are a right pain in the follicle, my adored faux fur jacket is the main offender as well as my only black coat that has a hood.

Cold weather, sunny weather, humid days (which we’re experiencing in abundance at the moment) are all problems when it come to avoiding the crackle. Air-con at work and central heating all mess with the control over my hair too.

A week ago, whilst I perused the bounty of products available at the fabulous Beauty Expert website, I stumbled across a brand called ALTERNA.  Their Winter RX for hair Anti Static hair finisher practically begged to be purchased! The bottle was in the Beauty Expert sale section too so I thought I’d give it a try. It had to be better than my usual emergency solution which is to smooth my hand cream applied palms to my hair in an attempt to quick fix!

I didn’t have to wait long for the crackle to inflict itself upon me, the high humidity of British Summer-time this last week has been in full flow. I was careful to use a small amount to begin with and sprayed at 6-8 inches away, which is recommended, I think being heavy handed with this finisher could result in my hair looking a little on the greasy side. I had no issue with that though as the thin veil of spray at that distance was sufficient.

It’s basically FABULOUS!!! It soothes the crackle instantly and acts as a sealant to the hair cuticle. I used it more so under my hair, as in my case it tends to be the worst area, which then affects the rest of my hair. The spray gives the same results as some shine finishers I’ve used, a really lovely, healthy shine and it does hold your doo in place but it didn’t feel welded… like back in the late 90’s when I’d use half a can of Bristows extra-hold before I went out! My hair had a self-inflicted ‘crunch’ factor back then not the cling film battle I have to contend with nowadays!

Alterna Anti Static spray works. Which is what we want from products, just to actually do what they claim makes me a happy customer!

I found that that after applying I wait a few minutes and then smooth over with my palms (no hand cream included!) then I use my anti static comb and just make sure that the spray is evenly distributed. I’m still careful and use as little as possible as my hair is quite fine so I don’t want to overload it with products and weigh it down.

I’m so impressed with this product that I shall definitely be purchasing it again.

It works!  I’m happy!  And my hair isn’t vying for the ‘Mr Majeika‘ look-a-like championship any longer! 🙂

For anyone who’s battle with the crackle is getting them down, I can honestly recommend trying out Alterna Winter RX Anti Static spray to help you fling the cling!


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