Y’ello, Summer calling!

Charity shops are my favourite place to spend hunting through the racks and boxes after gems that people have donated.  I used to buy a lot of clothes on eBay but nowadays, and after finding some amazing items, I go to the charity shops first.  I know that my money is going to worthy causes that desperately need the money as well.

Some of my finds have included, unopened Chanel nail polish for £1, a brand new with tags black faux fur jacket £60 from H&M and £20 in the PSDA shop, £55 Butterfly by Matthew Williamson sandals still with price sticker on and unworn, for £5.95!  I’ve had many a fabulous find in these shops and whenever we go on holiday the first thing we do after booking is Gogglemap all the charity shops in the vicinity!

Yesterday whilst in the Compton Hospice charity shop, I found these bad boys!


I fell in love with them at first sight!  Such a gorgeous bright colour to wear for when the sunshine eventually decides to come out and play!  The wedge heel isn’t too high either, I’m usually a size 5 but these size 4 fitted perfectly.  Hardly worn on the sole and were £3.50, originally purchased from New Look!  Bargain-tastic!

I’ll definitely be wearing them a lot over the next few months, they’ll look great with dresses or jeans.  I know that ‘colour clashes’ can work from time to time but I’m not sure about the Maybelline ‘Urban Coral’ I have on my toenails at the moment.  A little headache inducing for me when I look down!

I love the colour though as it’s so bright and cheery 🙂  I think I’ll try out some pastel colours, maybe even a yellow to go with the sandals!  I think bronze or browns would go well too, maybe another colour clash with a bright blue nail polish!

I do think that if you have any local charity shops then it’s definitely worth popping in to see the stock and maybe find a fabulous bargain while you’re there!


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