Shakin’ in some fakin’

Yesterday was retail therapy day and today was bargain hunting retail therapy, girlie catch-up and lunching day!

Yesterday I spent an hour wandering very slowly in Primark – a must visit for vest tops and maxi dresses.  I was looking at the fake hair peices, which don’t normally float my boat but due to having fine hair now I wanted something to boost the bun donut I bought I while ago, the smallest still shows through unfortuntely.

Although I didn’t find the one I was looking for, I did buy a ‘wavy hair’ hair band.  I doesn’t work with the donut as it’s too short but I was very surprised how well it looked when I quickly bunged my hair up in an elastic and wound it round!

It does depend on what shade your hair is but I found it blended in with my few shades and didn’t look too bad! Plus it added a little oomph which I was lacking before.

I am impressed!  I’ll definitely be paying another visit and looking at the other ‘peices’ they have to try out.

For £1.50, you really can’t complain!!!!!


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