Suffering from diabolical follicle?

Moroccanoil Light Treatment Oil

On the market nowadays there are so many Argan oil products, the first one that I saw a few years ago was ‘Moroccanoil’, they used it at a hairdressers I went to about 5 years ago and I loved the way it left my hair.

I bought the ‘Light’ version as my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be (still as frizzy though!!)  It’s a beautiful oil and leaves hair detangled, smooth and controls the dreaded frizz.  My hair felt bouncy and silky afterwards as well as giving it a lovely shine without a greasy feeling.  After about 6 months use I the structure of my hair felt stronger and wasn’t as wild if I left it without blow drying afterwards!

It’s pricey but I found it lasted me about 6 months so it is a worthwhile investment.  It definitely strengthened my hair and gave it back some elasticity and a happy, healthy boing 🙂


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