Come Out Smelling Of Roses!

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream  

As my blog goes on you’ll begin to see that I have a fondness for hand creams and lip balms, amongst other things… well everything really.  I do hold dear to my heart, lotions and potions for my pinkies and pout though.

My Brother bought me Trilogy’s Rose hand cream for Christmas last year and I fell in love with it ♡  My hands are always so dry and this cream worked wonders.  With its contents including evening primrose, rosehip, jojoba and almond oils it conditions and replenishes the skin where it needs it most.  One application made my hands feel silky and rejuvenated, I began to get addicted and had to ration myself as I was motoring through the tube!

Oh, the aroma!  So delicate, so soft, so blooming GORGEOUS!  Pure essential Moroccan rose oil adds a gentle scent and stays subtly on the skin.  I ended up wafting my pinkies around just to have a little whiff of it every now and again! ☺

It was a truly beautiful gift and I used every drop of it, even cutting the tube open at the very end to get every teeny bit out.  I will definitely be buying more of this cream in the future, it is an olfactory delight!


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