‘Bonacure’ blondes have more fun!

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure – Color Freeze Silver Shampoo

I was born brunette, but over the years I’ve experienced with a rainbow of colours. The canary yellow bleached front of my hair when I was 15 years old was one of the not-so-good ideas …the lilac wash-in colour I put on it after a few months later for a ‘quirky change’ turned it dishwater-grey. Let’s just say there have been many disasters over the years!

More recently I’ve been edging towards a lighter shade. At the moment I have a half-head of foils put in and my beautiful hairdresser Gemma usually puts a toner on afterwards as well, it is as we term it a ‘work in progress’. I’m a warm blonde but have a lot of cooler ash tones in as that’s the shade I’m now ultimately aiming for – cold, cool, ash blonde but with my warmer brown showing underneath to break it up a bit, this also makes the appearance of roots (especially after the 8-10 week mark) a little easier on the eye.

Gem recommended Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo from the Bonacure range to use once a week to neutralise any of the brassy orange/yellow tinges you find that can appear with light blondes as the weeks go by. The shampoo is a very bright purple and the label does recommend using gloves for application, I’ve found it to be okay as long as I wash my hands straight afterwards. The violet colour toning pigments in the formula make my hair noticeably brighter after just one use! It’s brilliant! My ash blonde is back to being cool tones again instead of warm 🙂

I use it a maximum of twice a week when I feel in need of some extra help with my highlights, you have to be very careful as over-use can lead to build-up of the product and you may end up with an ultra-violet sheen on your locks! (not the intended look I’m trying to achieve on this occasion!)

It really is a fab shampoo. I’ve tried cheaper ones and although they are okay, from my experience they don’t make such a difference in one application as this one does. Last week I bought myself the larger 1250ml bottle so I’m definitely planning on staying blonde for a while!


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