Divine De-Fuzzing!

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Blades

Although my de-fuzzing methods of choice are waxing and theading I do like a back-up in case I can’t get appointments.

While I was in a local supermarket recently they had a Gillette Venus pack with the new Olay razor blade on half price offer. As I can’t resist a bargain I thought I better invest in one!

After the first use I was already planning this review write up in my head! The blades themselves have two Olay moisture bars, above and below the 5 blade razor part. It says on the packaging that you don’t need to use shaving gel, and they are bang-on with that! I couldn’t believe that would be the case but as I began to use the razor on wet skin the Olay bars kicked in and provided a lovely lather for the blades to glide across, no nicks or bumps throughout the procedure either.

After showering I just patted my skin dry and afterwards I could still feel how the Olay had moisturised, it was silky soft and felt as close as waxing usually does.

As a dry skin sufferer I always need to use a body lotion after showering but after using the Olay blade I didn’t feel like I needed as much lotion on as I would normally. Some people without dry skin may find the Olay bars suffice alone as a moisturiser.

I would definitely recommend trying this version from Gillette even if it is a ‘just in case’ for when you can’t get your normal appointments for hair removal. I used the razor last night and today my skin is still feeling smooth and hydrated, I haven’t even put any body lotion on today, so that’s how great I’ve found them to be!

Although on the pack I bought you only get the handle and one Olay blade, I have definitely been converted and will be purchasing a few more to use in the future.  Well done Gillette for catering so well for people who find their skin needs a little extra TLC while de-fuzzing!


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