Oooh you’re such a Teeze!

Shaun Pulfrey was a hair colourist of 30 years when he designed the Tangle Teezer – a hairbrush that glides through the hair and banishes any tangles. Despite being knocked back when he appeared on BBC’s TV show Dragons’ Den, Shaun’s invention has been a huge success – recognised in 2008 at The British Hairdressing Business Awards, scooping its Innovation of the Year category.

I finally succumbed and purchased a Tangle Teezer!

From the huge array of different colours available I opted for the leopard print one, aptly named Feline Groovy  🙂  This is the compact version, handbag friendly with a pull-off guard so the teeth don’t get bent out of shape.  

 My hair tangles very easily and while I’m in the shower, combing through conditioner, I can see the amount of hair that’s come away with the combing.  So after one month’s use of the Teezer I can say that this tool really works!  The amount of hair is just a few strands instead of half a handful.  It safely rides in my handbag and I use it throughout the day.

One qualm is that sometimes I don’t feel like the Teezer has got right down to the bottom layer of hair at my scalp but you can always give it another going over, so it’s not a major issue.  It has dramatically reduced the amount of hair fall I was experiencing and hopefully by using it consistently for a few more months my fine hair will, hopefully, have regained some oomph!


 As I was so impressed with the standard Tangle Teezer, I also bought its water friendly sibling the ‘Aqua Splash’ which is for use in the shower, during the washing of hair or you can use it while lounging beside the pool (I wish!!!) after a swim etc. 

 This model is hollow so doesn’t hold water inside as the previous version could, the teeth are the same and it has an hourglass shape thus making it easy to grip with soapy hands, or if one is concentrating on the sipping of margaritas… 

 Again, this product does the job.  I use in the shower to comb my wet hair before shampooing, again before conditioner and then to distribute treatment masks or other products evenly.  Afterwards I always check to see the hair fall out and, again, it is minimal compared to using a wide tooth comb as before.

 This tool is simply wonderful.  They do a wide range of colours and also a very cute pink and yellow flowerpot design for the littler lady. 

I bet the Dragons’ are seething in their den for not investing in this one! 

Thank you to Shaun Pulfrey for saving my hair… no-one can tease my tangles any-more!



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