Rid skin gunge with a bargain sponge!

A few weeks back whilst in Morrisons doing the food shop I wandered down the health/beauty aisle for a mooch.  As the weather is getting slowly geared towards becoming Summer (COME ON SUNSHINE!), I thought a few layers of self-tan may be in order rather than scaring the World with the ‘milk bottle’ shade I’m currently sporting.

First off before applying tan you need to prep your skin.  Exfoliation is the first key step, you need to rid the excess dead skin cells before you moisturise and then apply your tan.

I saw on the bottom shelf various bathing accessories, including their own brand exfoliating sponge.


The top white layer is the exfoliating part and is quite simply, AMAZING!  I used it in the shower and although it is quite a solid layer it was still gentle on my skin, no red raw patches just a healthy glow from using it.  I went over the important bits – knees, elbows and heels a few times with it to really buff them in prep for the other stages.  The pink part is a normal soft sponge that you can use to soothe over your skin afterwards or apply a layer of creamy shower wash.  I’ve used a sisal fibre mitt in the past that set me back £5 and this sponge gave me the same results and was a lot kinder to my skin.

Even if you’re not prepping for self-tan it is good practice to use an exfoliator on your body once a week or so to rid the dead skin cells and make your skin look healthier and fresher.

This Morrisons exfoliating sponge cost just 49p!  You can’t beat that for value and for the results it gives, which are as good as most branded and pricier versions that I have tried out! 


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