A crime NOT to Prime!

Premium vs Budget

  W7 PM

(Please note the review of these primers are based on using mineral powder foundation)

Face primers act as a smooth canvas which your foundation sticks to, as well as helping to give a flawless effect to your make-up.  Many claim to help foundation stay put during the warmer months, fill fine lines, reduce noticeable pores and some calm redness which tends to flair around the nose area and also flaky skin.

Firstly I put a thin layer of moisturiser on and let that absorb into my skin, then I apply a few pumps of primer to my face, using my fingertips to make sure I cover my problem areas, which are fine lines and the occasional patch of eczema or dry skin.  I let this layer dry, usually after I have straightened my hair it’s ready!  Then I’m ready for foundation. 

I have always used Bare Mineral’s ‘Prime Time’ as a base for my foundation, a 30ml bottle retails at £21 and I do get a few months use out of the bottle.  It gives my skin a satin-like finish and I feel it does live up to the hype.  My foundation buffs on and does stay put for the majority of the day.  Most of the time the primer maintains the even texture of my foundation, helps fill my fine lines and eases the dry patches, usually on my forehead and chin. 

‘Prime Time’ really impressed me, I’ve also got a bottle of the ‘Prime Time’ Brightening Foundation Primer which adds a healthy glow to your skin while still having all the benefits of the original.

Whilst looking through Amazon’s Beauty best-sellers a few months ago, I saw brand of primer I hadn’t heard of before and it had 180 (mostly positive) reviews… I HAD to read what people were saying after I saw that information!

The product, from the W7 brand, is ‘Prime Magic Camera Ready’ priced at £3.50 for a 30ml bottle.  Again it boasts the reduction of pores and fine lines, and also gives a smooth and flawless complexion as does the Bare Minerals brand.  I am a convert!! 

Being 100% honest with you here, I have swapped to using W7 for most make-up wearing days.  It is extremely similar to Bare Minerals ‘Prime Time’ in consistency and does glide onto your skin in the same way.  It isn’t as thick as B.M but not far off.  The tube is easy to use to get the right amount out and I use the same quantity as before.  My make-up also lasts as long with it on as well.  I can definitely recommend this brand as a very good alternative to the more expensive on the market.  The rave reviews on Amazon are justified, in my opinion, for this product. 

W7 also have anti-dull skin balancing and anti-redness ‘camera ready’ primers on offer.  If their original formula is anything to go by these are worth a try as well!

To sum up:  Primers in general are a must-have if you want to prolong the wear of your foundation.  Bare Minerals ‘Prime Time’ is a fabulous addition to your make-up routine, but if you haven’t £21 to spend on a primer, then the £3.50 W7 ‘Prime Magic Camera Ready’ is a worthy opponent and alternative!


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