Dreading threading?

For the last couple of years I have chosen threading as my procedure of choice  to tame my eyebrows.

Before then I plucked them myself and used the wonderful ‘Tweezerman’ brand as my tool, click on the link above to see which one you fall in love with out of the range available on Beauty Expert’s website.  I have a bright pink pair and also zebra print which I couldn’t resist buying! 

‘Tweezerman’ also offer a re-sharpening service free of charge which is very helpful, as long as you don’t mind waiting as they need to be posted to the USA.

On a few occasions I’ve also had my eyebrows waxed which is another good choice of hair removal, although I do find myself coming back to threading as my pluck of choice each time.  The main reason is because of the shaping of the eyebrow threading provides which I cannot achieve by my own hand or by waxing.  In fact when I have needed to use tweezers (after so long of someone else doing it for me) I tend to pluck the skin as well as the hair, leaving me with attractive red scabs afterwards!

Shaping from eyebrow threading leaves my eyebrows defined and equally arched both sides.  As you have the under and above areas as well as in between tended to this gives, in my opinion, a perfect balance.  I think the pain is as much as you get from tweezers or waxing, the more I have had it done the less the pain has become.  Most threader’s apply a tea tree based gel on the areas threaded afterwards to calm and soothe the skin.  I usually have to pop back each two weeks for a tidy up but I could easily leave them for another week or so.  I visit a little beauty salon close to where I live that charge £4, which is a really good rate.  Some of the more established threading services charge £10+ for the same results! 

This practice of hair removal uses a cotton thread that is designed for threading.  It is doubled and then twisted, placed over the areas of hair and removes from the follicle.  Threading removes short lines of hair, unlike using tweezers where a single hair is pulled out one at a time.  You are usually asked to ‘stretch’ your eyebrows, which is using your fingers to pull the skin taut so that the thread gets to the hairs and not your skin.

I recommend eyebrow threading, I love it and the shaping it provides.   A lot of local salons now offer this procedure and it is worth trying out if, like me, you aren’t an expert at wielding your own beauty tools!

After I have applied foundation I use my eyebrow pencil from Art Deco to go over my brows and add a little more definition.


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