Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands

I’ve suffered from extremely dry skin on my hands for years and have been gradually trying out each hand-cream I read about to find the ones that have given me the most relief.

The brand in this review is from the people behind the ‘Yes! Nurse’ formula, a nourishing cream originally designed for those in the nursing profession who’s constant need for cleansed, washed hands left them crying out for a barrier to protect their skin.  ‘Yes! Nurse’ was founded by a young paediatric nurse who wanted to make life better and more enjoyable for others with similar skin care problems

Firstly, the packaging is absolutely wonderful! An extremely cute box with lovely illustration on the inside. The cream itself smells fresh and just a medium-sized glob coats each hand once rubbed in. It really is a barrier that keeps the moisture within the skin on my hands where it is desperately in need.

This product is made with gorgeous ingredients, Manuka honey +15, pomegranate seed oil and aloe vera to name just a few

Whilst using this product I was unfortunately admitted into hospital for a number of days, due to my painfully dry skin I always have hand-cream in my bag and during this time I spoke to a number of nurses who tried some of this product I had with me and said it really did provide great skin protection and they would be buying some. This cream was, after all, initially made with the nursing profession in mind. It does however benefit anyone who suffers dry skin and/or needs to have their hands immersed in water many times a day.

I have great respect for people who work in the health sector, these people dedicate their lives to caring for others in need.

I salute you ‘Yes! Nurse’ for such a wonderful hand cream that helps people who experience skin discomfort and for being able to provide some help to those who’s job is to care, nurse and comfort us when we need it most.


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